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Welcome to Green CulturED Marijuana School

marijuana school Home PageGreen CulturED’s medical marijuana school was formed by cannabis industry professionals and education technologists with the goal to provide students with the highest-quality online education.

Our online education covers the entire scope of the cannabis industry teaching a wide range of trades and topics that is appropriate for beginning to advanced students.

The Instructional Designers on our team have published intuitively designed online courses that are delivered the way people learn and interact online today.

Taking online courses should be as easy as anything else on the Internet; our education is 100% web-based and can be accessed anytime, anywhere with Internet access on a personal computer, tablet, smart phone, or mobile device. 

Green CulturED is the leading marijuana school for professional education and our compliance-driven approach is revolutionizing the industry.

Check out our education here: http://www.Campus.GreenCulturED.co



Cannabis College For The Medical Marijuana Industry

marijuana school 268x300 Home PageWe teach every aspect of the medical marijuana and cannabis industry possible.

Our marijuana school and online environment is designed so it is easy for anyone to learn and complete their education, and we mean anyone!

Our faculty has created interactive and intuitive courses to ensure that students can attend their education 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year; whenever it suits their schedule and lifestyle.

Green CulturED has been recognized for its student-centered learning environment, appealing “edu-tainment” course design, personal attention from faculty, and the achievement of its alumni around the globe.


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