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Every student has access to all our courses online 24/7 so you can learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. That’s why we work with the world’s top cannabis experts, help them package their knowledge into easy-to-understand courses, classes, videos, and articles, and then send them to you!

Get Certified!

Successful completion of any certification demonstrates your extensive knowledge of Green CulturED's education and that you are working to start working in the Cannabis Industry. Once you pass the final exam we’ll send you a certificate of completion and certification to gain employment in the cannabis industry or to help start your own business in areas where it is legal.

420 Certified Medical Marijuana Industry Training
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Financial Aid

Our students invest valuable time and resources in their educational programs, as they strive to create a better future for themselves in the cannabis industry. You can enroll 2 ways:

  • Enroll in our All-Access Pass w/ monthly tuition
  • 1 time tuition payment & access it forever

We are helping students reach their cannabis educational goals and if you want to outright buy your education then we offer financial aid to make the tuition payments affordable, it will fit any budget!

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Cannabis College faqs

Student FAQ's

Every student has access to all our courses online 24/7 so you can learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. If you need more information about our online education then please browse through Our FAQ's Page to the most common questions that students have. Need more help, Click Here to Contact Us.

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Testimonials from Students

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"Joyce Brown Testimonial With the "Green Rush" in full swing, it seems like everyone wants to get in on the education game. But if you truly want to build your career in the Cannabis Industry, and you know the old cliche about a "good foundation". You definitely want to get started with a knowledge and skills that's based in fact, not conjecture. Green CulturED will get you going with a solid skill set that has that basis in fact. That's what will get you a good start in this exciting new industry and help you quickly establish a proven track record full of success that will truly get you noticed by that potential new employer when he's looking over your resume."
- Tony Salter from New Orleans, LA

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"Joyce Brown TestimonialI think its fantastic that not only does this establishment offer education for local Denver residents but also for the rest of the world through online education platforms."
- Anthony Albini

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"Joyce Brown Testimonial I have taken a few classes online from Cannabis College even though I have an extensive background in Horticulture I didn't have much of an education growing medical marijuana. Now I feel ready to take on that challenge. I loved that I could take my classes whenever I wanted to. They provided all the written material I needed in ebooks so I can use them for references and store them online for future use. They also had several videos that went with each topic with tons of new tips. I 'highly' recommend this college. I also recommend following their blogs to keep up to date on what's new in the biz."
- Joyce Brown

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"Joyce Brown TestimonialTrust me everything about this college I love so much. it is perfect for mmj patients as well ass future mmj business owners and activist."
- M Luckett

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"Joyce Brown TestimonialAs Nevada is finally going to place this issue on the upcoming ballot I felt a need to really understand the differences in Medical vs recreational Marijuana. I didn't have much of an education on medical marijuana. Now I feel ready to take on this challenge and become Certified in all aspects. This is the best thing I have ever done in my life by far! I highly recommend this to everyone!!!"
- Jean Krym from Las Vegas, NV

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