Basics of Marijuana Horticulture

The key to successfully cultivate marijuana is to understand exactly how marijuana produces food and grows. Whether grown indoors or outdoors, the requirements for cannabis growth remain the same.

The necessities of cannabis are light, air, water, nutrients, a growing medium, and heat to create the necessary food to grow. Growing indoors, the requirements are the same, though it is necessary to be sure that you have the proper light spectrum, carbon dioxide (CO2), and air circulation for cannabis to thrive.

When you have proper amounts of everything cannabis needs for growth, the result is consistent and optimum levels of growth. Marijuana is normally grown as an annual plant, completing its life cycle within one (1) year and seeds are planted in the spring and grow throughout the summer.

Growing larger and larger until fall, the plants begin to produce flowers and create seeds to continue the full life-cycle of cannabis. In its natural state, cannabis goes through distinct growth stages or cycles throughout its life-cycle.

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