Become The Best Bud-Tender In The Cannabis Industry

Tips For How To Become A Budtender

Budtender is one of the most popular jobs in the growing medical marijuana industry. With a few tips and tricks in mind, you will be prepared to apply for your dream job as a Budtender.

It is important to remember that a bud-tender job is a job like any other, so it is important to present yourself professionally. When you approach the dispensary, first build a rapport with them by becoming a customer or getting to know the owners.

Check to see if they are hiring by searching for cannabis jobs on online forums and websites. Present a resume that highlights your unique skills, such as retail sales, customer service, and/or social media management.

Also important for getting a Budtrader job is knowledge of cannabis itself and your ability to assess client needs. Know the different types and strains of herb, know how to ask the patient about what effects they are looking for with the cannabis, and how to gauge their tolerance.

Most importantly, know the laws associated with marijuana in your state. Once you have prepared yourself by following the tips above, you will be in a good position to apply for a Budtender job.

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