Blight & Cannabis Diseases When Growing

Different Cannabis Diseases & Blight Issues


Blight is a general term that describes many cannabis diseases caused by many different things. The cannabis diseases can be caused by the fungus, which occurs within a few weeks before harvesting and blight spread quickly through large areas of plants.

Signs of blight include:

  • Dark
  • Blotchy spots on foliage
  • Yellowing
  • Slow growth
  • Wilting
  • Plant death

Cleanliness is the best prevention so it is essential that you use fresh and sterile growing mediums…not reusing old growing mediums will help prevent blight issues. With blight, you will want to avoid using too much nitrogen in plant fertilizers and with good drainage, you can prevent nutrients from building up in the soil.

The best solution is to remove diseased plants from your garden and destroy them. If you are going to spray them you can use a Bordeaux mixture to stop blight, though advanced stages of blight are hard to recover from. There are several other things you can apply to plants are Trichoderma harzianum or Thrichoderma virens.

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