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Cannabis Delivery & Online Ordering

The Future of Cannabis Delivery You may soon be able to order cannabis the same way you order restaurant takeout. In April, Uber Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi made headlines when she said the company would look into cannabis delivery if weed becomes federally legal. The move isn’t shocking from the delivery app given its

Navigating METRC “Seed-to-Sale” System

METRC “Seed-to-Sale” Tracking System Cannabis dispensary owners must bear in mind that this industry operates under STRICT laws and regulations that set their business apart from conventional operations (see our FREE METRC “Seed-to-Sale” Tracking training). Government regulators must balance public health and safety with the business needs of the regulated community, and that requires complete

[NEW] Cannabis Safety and Health Concerns Training Released

Keep Your Cannabis Skills On The Bleeding-Edge A new cannabis industry compliance training is finally here, and the big day has finally come to release this new stuff! We just finished releasing our latest and greatest training called “Cannabis Safety and Health Concerns” training this is included in our PENDING “MED Responsible Vendor” training application

5 Cannabis Dispensary Anti-Harassment Methods

Unacceptable Harassment In The Cannabis Industry

5 Methods Preventing Anti-Harassment Complaints Leaders at many cannabis organizations are taking a fresh look at their strategies for preventing and addressing sexual harassment in the wake of the #MeToo movement. As you revisit your policies, don’t forget to also fine-tune your complaint procedures and without a robust process that employees can trust in the

Massachusetts Responsible Vendor Trainer (RVT) Accreditation

MA Responsible Vendor Trainer Accredited The Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) announced it has approved Green CulturED as a Responsible Vendor Trainer (#RVN453682) to help support the state’s industry. The application that was submitted has been deemed complete and satisfactory by the CCC to certify Green CulturED as a Responsible Vendor Trainer (RVT) that was approved

Multi-Tenant Cannabis Industry LMS Platform

Why a Multi-Tenant LMS is the Best Choice If you’re in the market for a Learning Management System (LMS) for your cannabis business, you’re probably very familiar with many of the options, features, and services available to you. In today’s global cannabis workplaces and dispersed teams, most organizations are seeking to bring onboarding, training, and

Laws Protect Off-Duty Recreational Use

Some New Cannabis Use Laws As the trend to legalize cannabis use continues, employers should note that some state and local laws now protect workers who consume recreational cannabis while off duty. Multistate employers are likely familiar with laws that provide job protections for registered medical cannabis patients who use cannabis in accordance with a

Green Flower Cannabis Education & Psychotropic Spectrum Insights

Botanical Green Flower Cannabis Metrics Is it possible human senses alone can detect the psychotropic spectrum of green flower cannabis? The idea of detecting terpenes, which is predicting the psychoactive effects of different hybrid cannabis types, can be a little complex. We have waited many years for a team of scientists and an objective approach

Delta-8 THC is NOT Legal

Controlled Delta-8 THC Products & Legal Status The debate over Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) legal status has divided the cannabis industry. Contrary to what we hear from the media, see in the stores, or learn from cannabis operators; and despite the incredible amount of Delta-8 THC products being sold across the country today, there is absolutely

Cal/OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Training

Cannabis Industry Hazards & Safety Training The cannabis industry, just like any industry, must be regulated for the safety of its workers. And while job growth prospects for California look promising, the cannabis industry is still relatively new and is constantly evolving. At the center of these industry changes, three (3) licensing authorities are responsible for