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Cannabis Diversion & Operational Security

Preventing Cannabis Diversion & Security Operations Diversion of cannabis to individuals not qualified under regulations to purchase or possess it would expose a company to legal risk and undermine its credibility with the community in which it operates (check out our “Detecting and Preventing Diversion” training). Below are a few strategies that cannabis business operations

Cannabis Product Handling, Storage & Contamination

Properly Handling Cannabis Products & Standards You might be asking yourself, “Why do we need to take training on how to handle cannabis-infused products? We already know what we’re doing, and it’s all simple stuff!” Well, do you want to know a secret? You’re right.

Cannabis Dispensary Interactions & Customer Education

Customer Interactions & Cannabis Dispensary Education Customer service is a very important part of providing care in a cannabis dispensary. All customers are entitled to friendly and respectful service at ALL times. Providing exemplary customer service is good for patrons and the dispensary, and it also helps create a more pleasant working environment for the

Evolving United States Marijuana Laws

How Will Evolving Marijuana Laws Impact 2021? President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration is happening this week amid a pandemic, security threats, and tension between the shifting administrations. Here’s what the extraordinary presidential term will look like for the cannabis industry,

[NEW] Cannabis Business Plan Writing “Freshly Released”

Keep Your Cannabis Skills On The Bleeding-Edge The new training is finally here, and the big day has finally come! We just finished releasing our latest and greatest training called Cannabis Business Plan Writing (check it out here). Our new mastery training will not only share our PROVEN strategies but also give step-by-step details on

Cannabis Industry Business Plan Development

Writing Cannabis Business Plans Today we hear from our Subject Matter Expert (SME) Rachel Johnson from Boost Business Plans who has done some awesome work in the cannabis industry and has personally written over 100 business plans and proposals. [See Our NEW Cannabis Business Plan Training Here] She has been writing business plans for the

Cannabis Industry Annual “Historic” Update

After a Tumultuous Year, We’re Optimistic This Year While the pandemic’s impact remains top of mind for most of us, cannabis businesses have also faced wildfires, early frosts, labor shortages, licensing delays, and much more this year. We all have had our challenges in 2020, yet the industry has had its share of wins too.

Perfect Cannabis Team One-on-One Worksheet

1-on-1 Meetings w/ Cannabis Team Members There are three (3) roadblocks that will ALWAYS prevent your cannabis business from success. What’s worse is, these problems tend to rear their ugly head when life gets complicated – like, say, from issues that are always stemming from government compliance requirements… [Download: The Perfect 1:1 Meeting Worksheet] Three (3)

Cannabis Industry COVID-19 Guidance & Checklists

Cannabis Workforce COVID-19 Safety Guidance Short and simple to use checklists designed for workers in the cannabis industry to take a quick “snapshot” of safety in their areas of responsibility. Conducting frequent workplace safety and health inspections using these safety checklists is one of the most widely accepted means of identifying COVID-19 hazards and unsafe behavior.