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Secrets Of Budtender Training And Skills

Master The Skills Of Budtender Training Budtender training for medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries has been getting a lot of attention as more and more states pass cannabis laws. This job has an important role in a medical marijuana dispensary because Budtenders are the ones who interact with the patients the most. They can easily make

** Making Bubble Hash **

making bubble hash

Let’s Get Bubbly Making Bubble Hash Water extracted making bubble hash is known as water making bubble hash, ice making bubble hash, THC crystal, etc. When making bubble hash is very pure, it will bubble releasing volatile resins when exposed to a flame, hence the name and here’s how to making bubble hash. Plant material is light

Washing Machine Hash (what?)

Making Washing Machine Hash How to become a Budtender – tips to nail that dream profession for cannabis enthusiasts. Washing machine hash produces has the same way as the Ice-O-Lator or the Bubble Bags, but on a larger scale and automated process. It is very useful to process leftover leaf after harvest, as you will have plenty

How To Make Ha$h

*Cool* Ways How To Make Hash After resin powder is collected from the sieves and dried, it is often pressed to simplify storage and handling. Resin powder is bulky and most awkward to handle, and in most cases easy to spill, be contaminated by dust and other debris and often blown away. That is why most

Cannabis Inter-Lab Comparison and Proficiency Test (ILC/PT)

marijuana chemistry

A/B Split Testing Of Cannabis In Labs The testing of cannabis for the potency of cannabinoid compounds and the presence of pesticides, molds, and solvents has become a critical component of the medical cannabis industry. Every day, decisions about patient dosing and safety, and millions of dollars in transactions are based on results provided by testing labs. But with the

How To Become A Budtender???

budtender training

What Budtender Training Do You Need? If your love for cannabis goes much beyond just consuming it and experiencing the amazing high along with the superb health benefits of the same, it might be a dreamland awaiting you in the very near future to learn how to become a Budtender. With state governments becoming increasingly open to

Using Medical Marijuana As #Medicine

medical marijuana

Making Medical Marijuana Your Medicine Medical marijuana (cannabis, hashish, etc.) has a long history of use as medicine, with historical evidence dating back to 2,737 BC. Cannabis has been used medicinally and recreational in cultures spanning across the globe since the beginning of time. Its medical uses are ever expanding and are used for: Cancer Glaucoma HIV

Medical Marijuana Chemistry

Intro. To Cannabis Chemistry Cannabis is the only plant in the world that produces chemicals called cannabinoids. There are approximately 110+ identified cannabinoids have been confirmed to exist and each of an infinite number of strains of marijuana chemistry has its own cannabinoid profile. The active cannabinoids each have unique physiological effects and many combinations actually appear

Cannabis Analysis and Testing

marijuana testing

What’s IN Your Cannabis Analysis?? For many years, the only way that cannabis users could know the potency of the bud they bought was to burn one down, and that method was subjective at best. Medical marijuana has become commonplace in many US states, and with that came a new trend of potency testing cannabis. It

Cannabis Concentrates and Infused Products

cannabis concentrate

Cannabis Concentrates and Infused Products For many years the primary method of consumption for marijuana in modern society has been smoking the flowers which contain most of the THC and other cannabinoids found in the plant. Sure, some people like to bake infused brownies and others use vaporizers, but the vast majority prefers to pack