Bug POOP (Sooty Mold) & Cannabis Growing

Sooty Mold Issues When Cannabis Growing

When cannabis growing you may encounter “sooty mold” is a black mold and surface fungus that is produced from bugs, such as aphids, mealy bugs, scale, white-flies, etc. that excrete sticky honeydew.

Sooty mold is a problem only with indoor gardens when honeydew is present (click here to learn about Sooty Mold Issues and Honeydew).

Plants that are infected with sooty mold have restricted plant development and slows cannabis growing which diminishes your harvest (yield).

In order to prevent this you need to remove all insects that excrete honeydew and prevent them from entering your garden.

If there is honeydew on your plants wash it away along with the mold with a biodegradable soapy solution then rinse the soap solution off a few hours after you have applied it.

If it does not remove the honeydew, try it again or with a more concentrated soap solution.

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