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Ways You Can Promote

Email (most effective)

Send out dedicated emails, or include a mention in your newsletter. This will always produce the best results. We provide you with ultra-compelling pre-written emails you can copy and send.

Blog Posts

Create articles and blog posts that educate people about the amazing trainings that we publish. We provide you with fun facts and graphics so it’s easy to create something valuable for your people.

Social Media

Post graphics, videos, and other interesting facts that get people excited about Green CulturED. We provide you with beautiful photos and strong social media posts to make it extremely easy on you.


Include a web banner on your website or in your next newsletter. You guessed it. We’ll give you everything you need to get the best possible results!

Best Practices

Use bitly.com to shorten your unique promo link so it uses fewer characters on social media. Share your excitement and enthusiasm as much as possible. Buzz is created when influential people like you broadcast your energy to the world. Don’t hold back! This is our chance to broadcast this important message on a global scale! Use all of your possible channels to spread the word.

Payment Information

Please note: Paypal is the only method of payment accepted in our affiliate program. We pay only for commissions over $50 dollars by the 15th of every month for the prior month to make sure there’s no refunds. If your commissions don’t hit a $50 that’s ok because commissions can roll over until you hit $50 threshold (it’ll save you $$$ from PayPal fees, FYI).