Cannabis Business Opportunities

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Types of Cannabis Business Opportunities

Marijuana is taking the nation by storm and legalization has created an abundance of new business opportunities. As marijuana continues to gain more acceptance, both by countries and the general population, it is now more possible than ever to turn your love for cannabis into a legitimate and lucrative career opportunity.

Today we will explore some of the ways that you can find a cannabis career in the world of marijuana.


420 Tourism

Marijuana 420 tourism and events are a big deal now that the country is getting progressively more 420 friendly. From marijuana wine and weed tours, infused weddings, cannabis-catered parties, there are cannabis inspired events happening all the time now.

If you are looking to launch your own business in 420 friendly events, then take part rapidly growing cannabis tourism market. Marijuana-related celebrations and community events can serve as an excellent stream of revenue.


Opening a Cannabis Dispensary

Maybe your business interests are more conventional. If you have always wanted a brick and mortar store, but were never quite sure what to focus on, perhaps you would think about opening a cannabis dispensary.

Opening a legal dispensary is currently fraught with red tape, even in legal states. However, the rewards are well worth the effort. If you want to sell marijuana in a safe, and legal venue, then opening your own dispensary is, unquestionably something that you should consider.


Medical Dispensary Technicians

Medicalized marijuana also opens the door for Dispensary Technicians (aka Budtenders), and even doctors to step into the cannabis industry. Medical marijuana dispensaries are supposed to be a place where patients can get exactly what they need to treat their ailment.

This function of the dispensary is the product of efforts of qualified and compassionate Dispensary Technicians, who are knowledgeable about various strains of medical cannabis. They perform largely the same duties as someone that is working in a traditional pharmacy. On the other end of the medical spectrum, we have the doctor.


Master Grower Operations

Marijuana legalization creates obvious opportunities for people with green thumbs. If you have ever dreamed of opening your own cannabis farm, now is your opportunity to do it within the confines of the law. As of right now, the market for growing marijuana still has plenty of room for new cannabis master growers.

However, as more and more states go green, the market is becoming ever more competitive. If you want the chance to grow marijuana for a profit, now is an optimal time to give it a try.


Marijuana Medical Science

With medical science finally opening their eyes to the health benefits of marijuana, more research and studies have since been conducted. The genetic engineering and modification of cannabis can increase specific cannabinoids percentages, like THC, CBD, and CBN, which can address a wide range of chronic illnesses and life-threatening diseases.

Laws are continually being passed that giving medical doctors more power than ever to prescribe medical cannabis, but each state has different requirements that may include joining additional registries, licensing and monitoring programs.

If you are a physician looking to reduce the opioid crisis and find ways to treat patients through a more holistic, natural solution to complex ailments, the opportunity to do so is more robust than ever.


Testing & Strain Genetics

With legalization and a number of new products and strains, there are new testing and regulations that overview the safety of the products to the public. The dosage in each edible must be exact so each serving size has an equal percentage of THC and CBD.

Strains need to be clean of pest and disease, in addition, to testing the strength and cannabinoid reports. The job of the scientist in the cannabis industry is to test the potency of a given strain of marijuana. The primary method of testing for cannabis potency is through a method called high-performance liquid chromatography.

Through this method, scientists can isolate the quantities of certain chemicals present in marijuana strains to provide exact data on the levels of potency. This data is subsequently used to give medical professionals and consumers all of the information they need to safely recommend or select a strain of cannabis.


Final Thoughts

These are just some of the business opportunities available to marijuana enthusiasts in legal states. The truth of the matter is that your marijuana related opportunities are as big as your imagination (assuming, of course, that the law permits your idea).

The legal marijuana industry is still in its infancy. Currently, the market is not terribly crowded, but that will not remain the case for long. If you want to get in while the going is good, don’t dawdle. Start making your dreams of owning a cannabis business come true today!

Let us know what you think.

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