Training Roadmap: Community-Driven Requests

By creating training that is needed in the cannabis industry, our Training Roadmap ensures that our community requests are always met, so your problems when choosing a training topic that keeps our Subject Matter Experts up at night…go away!

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Training Roadmap

Great eLearning solutions are the result of having breakthrough IDEAS and being able to explain to us what training you need. This is our Training Roadmap that proudly showcases the upcoming topics we plan on delivering and communicates to us what NEW topics we’ll start doing Instructional Design next to tie back to your high-level employee development goals. 

Evan Erickson

Chief Training Officer &

A Message From Our Founder

Be honest… How would you describe your employee training?

Disorganized? Understaffed? Undertrained? Over-worked? Non-existent?

Well if you said anything other than, “A well-oiled machine,” you’ve come to the right place. Assuming you have a team, it’s likely a loosely assembled group, all scrambling around sending emails, updating employees on new regulations, running in-person training, establishing Standard Operating Procedures, and doing their best to “figure it out”…without anyone necessarily knowing what anyone else is doing.

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