Training Roadmap: Partner-Driven, Request ANY Course Topic

New Courses YOU Need & Always Up-To-Date Cannabis Industry Training

Would you like to request training that is not in our Course Catalog? You can submit your topics ideas to be added to our catalog and suggest training topics that you need below.

Innovating education takes hard work, planning, and cooperation from our partners; that’s why it’s critical we hear from you and create training topics that cover YOUR business needs (plus our other clients probably need it too)!

By creating courses that are needed in the cannabis industry, our Training Roadmap ensures that your training needs are always met, SO the problems that keep you up at night…go away! 

Let us help make those training problems go COMPLETELY away, we love your feedback and we do this to maximize the business impact for all our partners.

Training Roadmap

Great eLearning solutions are the result of having breakthrough IDEAS and being able to explain to us what training you need.

This is our Training Roadmap that proudly showcases the upcoming topics we plan on delivering and communicates to us what NEW topics we’ll start doing Instructional Design next to tie back to your high-level employee development goals. 

Evan Erickson
Chief Training Officer & Founder

A Message From Our Founder

Be honest… How would you describe your employee training? Disorganized? Understaffed? Undertrained? Over-worked? Non-existent?

Well if you said anything other than, “A well-oiled machine,” you’ve come to the right place. Assuming you have a team, it’s likely a loosely assembled group, all scrambling around sending emails, updating employees on new regulations, running in-person training, establishing Standard Operating Procedures, and doing their best to “figure it out”…without anyone necessarily knowing what anyone else is doing.

They’re busy. And they try hard. But are they really getting well trained? Is their work making a MEASURABLE difference to your company? When I asked this question about my own company, I didn’t like the answer. That’s why I created Green CulturED.

As a member, you’ll be able to grow a dedicated, COORDINATED team of cannabis industry rock stars. And best of all, critical (but time-consuming) tasks such as recruiting, training and retaining top talent will become effortless, and you’ll finally have a team all moving toward the same goal…

…growing YOUR company! So if you like the idea of transforming your ordinary (or non-existent) training into a group of well-developed employees, then schedule a demonstration today.