Possible Cannabis Fertilizers & Additives

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Colchicine is a natural alkaloid that is prepared from dried corn and is not advised to use, as it very toxic to plants. It causes mutations in cannabis plants and produces no change in cannabinoid levels.

cannabis nutrientsCytokinins

Cytokinins are plant hormones that are derived from the purine adenine and the most common cytokinin is zeatin. Cytokinins are manufactured in the root system and promote cell division, chloroplast and leaf development.

Store-bought cytokinins are produced from seaweed, it is applied by being watered into the soil or are sprayed on the plant. These can make your plants healthier and produce more in your harvest.


Enzymes accelerate the rate of reactions in biological activity and nutrient uptake by plant roots. Enzyme reactions occur most in temperature ranges of 85-105 F (30-40 C), where each enzyme has an optimal pH range for their activity.

Ethylene Gas

Ethylene gas is a growth regulator hormone that activates the aging and ripening of flowers. In addition, it helps to prevent bud development and plant growth retardation so this may also be used to trigger flowering in your plants.

Fulvic Acid

Cannabis Nutrient for GrowthFulvic acid is a naturally occurring organic substance that is the result of microbial action on decomposing plants. Fulvic acid provides nutrients and acts as a bio-stimulant while also feeding beneficial mycorrhiza bacteria.


Gibberellins or gibberellic acid are a natural plant growth hormone that works with auxins to break dormancy, stimulate seed germination and grow long stems. But, gibberellins are listed as toxic to human, and it is not recommended for growing.

Humic Acid

Humic acid is carbons formed by decomposition of organic substances, primarily vegetation, and it encourages the creation of strong tissue growth to help the transportation of nutrients throughout the plant. Humic acid helps soil increase its water retention capabilities, while also aerating the soil.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Cannabis Nutrients that HelpsHydrogen peroxide carries an extra oxygen molecule than water and is especially useful in hydroponics, because:

1) It adds oxygen to the water

2) Helps to cleanse the water of harmful substances.

Many growers will use a diluted hydrogen peroxide solution to sterilize seeds and it results in better germination.

Indole 3 Butyric Acid (IBA)

Indole 3 butyric acid is one of the auxin growth hormones, it helps generate roots, build larger root mass, and improve plant growth and yield. This can be used for cloning to use on older plants, though it is hazardous to humans if inhaled or touched.


Rhizobium bacteria infect roots of legumes and create nodules that act in symbiosis with a plant. Rhizobium helps to improve nitrogen fixation, though are host-specific and will not work with all crops, but it is most effective when added to water mixes to feed your plants.

How to Grow CannabisSugar

Molasses is commonly known as the ‘secret’ ingredient in organic fertilizers since sugar raises energy levels of plants and acts as a mild fungicide. Many growers use sugar, honey or molasses and apply it to their plants because it will increase soil microbial, improve regrowth and make the plants use of nitrogen more efficiently.

Trichoderma (002/003)

Trichoderma fungi colonize within the root zone and block out many unbeneficial fungi and organisms because they stimulate plant root development and resistance to environmental stresses.


Zeatin is one of the cytokinin growth hormones and stimulates mitosis within plants.

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