Cannabis Industry Training: LMS vs. TMS

Short-Term Solution? Training Management System (TMS)…

Training can be widely considered as a subset of learning, and the benefits of arguing against this are clear only for those fond of semantics (the study of meaning, as inherent at the levels of words, phrases, sentences, etc.). But when it comes to technology, this focus can be a winning strategy.

Just like human bodies are equipped for long-term endurance running so is their learning, that is why Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) offer a high-value across the board for cannabis companies, to the point of being critical in the future sustainability of their organization. But a stripped-down, single-goal system might offer advantages in limited, short-term context.

There are Training Management Systems (TMS’s) that streamline clearly defined training and be a quick-to-deliver answer to an urgent need, it is also a ‘first step‘ towards using eLearning, but going the ‘right direction‘ typically requires implementing an LMS. According to Coherent Marketing Insights, TMS’s offer easy-to-handle tools for cannabis businesses to lead training and track performance, and it is one of the trends expected to play a significant role in the forecasted 23% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2018 and 2025.

But, implementing an LMS and using emerging eLearning technologies such as gamification and virtual reality provides advanced features needed for a growing cannabis business. Gamification, for example, if included as part of your training platform; it should maximize the entertainment and engagement of the learners by capturing their interest and motivating them to continue learning.

There are various benefits of gamification learning such as opportunities for collaborative problem solving, social connection, fun and much more. Think of a TMS as a ‘disposable‘ LMS since it does not require ongoing support or advanced features, much less an eLearning strategy aligned with the cannabis company’s mission and values.

Or think of it as a ‘gateway‘ system towards the more comprehensive use of Educational Technology (Ed-Tech) in the pursuit of higher goals. In any case, educational technologists should be aware of the options available that would help spread Ed-Tech adoption. It is argued that a TMS is better suited for smaller cannabis industry teams, who might not be ready to buy into a more comprehensive LMS system but do want streamlined processes and information.

Let us know what you think.

(NOTE: Before you can optimize training, you must do is get a clear picture on WHO is learning, HOW do they make an impact, and WHAT their professional development requirements are. Download our proven "Cannabis Training Optimization Strategy" now and get clear on what's needed to learn.)