Cannabis MEDS & Necessary Bud-Tender Skills

budtender skills

Showing Patient Medication An Essential Bud-Tender Skills

bud-tender skillsThere are several methods for administration of the dosage, including vaporizing or smoking dried buds, drinking, or eating extracts, and taking capsules that you will need to know for your Bud-Tender skills.

Medical marijuana strain names are typically chosen by their growers and often reflect properties of the plant, such as taste, color, smell, or the origin of the variety. Medical marijuana strains are either pure breeds or hybrid varieties of Cannabis, typically of the species C. sativa and/or C. indica.

Varieties are developed to highlight a specific combination of properties of the plant or to establish marketing differentiation. Most dispensaries allow for patients to assess medicine available so they can view and smell products before purchasing, but some dispensaries may provide patients with a microscope so they can get a better look at the medicine.

If your dispensary provides a microscope, you may want to put a bud-sample in a small jar so the patient can look and smell without touching. One essential Bud-Tender skills are clean up your display care properly after each patient and wipe down as often as needed.

A good idea is to make notes on the back of the jar so your Bud-Tender skills can easily identify what strain a patient may need about without looking over the counter.


Safety Precautions And Bud-Tender Skills

1) Always lock the door to the medicine room and it should remain locked at all times.

2) Make sure you panic or alarm button is next to your register.

3) If a robbery occurs get on the floor and stay put until they leave the dispensary.


Bud-Tender Skills: Verify Medical License And/Or Recommendation

budtender skillsAny individual suffering from a serious or chronic medical condition in which other traditional measures and medicines have not been effective can see a qualifying health care professional.

The qualified health care professional who can write a recommendation for medical marijuana as part of an ongoing treatment of the patient’s terminal or debilitating condition.

The physician, after completing a physical examination and documenting the medical condition in the patient’s record, will provide a written recommendation stating they would benefit from treatment using medical marijuana.

When a patient visits a dispensary, they must bring in either the doctor’s recommendation or medical marijuana license along with an I.D. that verifies proof identity as well as state residency. With a recommendation, many dispensaries, upon your first visit, will require you to use your Bud-Tender skills to call the recommending physician for verification.

Also, your Bud-Tender skills will require you to make a copy of all their recommendation or license paperwork along with ID card and enter them into your dispensary’s computer system.


Bud-Tender Skills Require Computer and Technology Literacy

bud-tender skills

Better known as Point of Sale (P.O.S.) computer system where all of the inventory, transactions, and patient information is kept and updated. Make sure this information is always updated, 100% secure, and backed up to another computer system or online server.

Bud-Tenders skills require you to be computer literate, this includes being able to learn new software, knowing how to use P.O.S. equipment and knowledge of social networking sites. Many dispensaries use industry-specific software and being computer literate will help cut down on your learning curve.

The perfect Bud-Tenders skills should finish the transaction computer P.O.S. system before the patient leaves the medicine room. It is easy to forget what each patient has bought (or NOT), and you do not want your P.O.S. system and dispensary accounting to be incorrect.

You could be held accountable for transaction errors later so never leave a patient alone with medicine and always complete the purchase straightaway. Most transactions in dispensaries are on surveillance cameras and you want to ensure you protect yourself by following this simple rule.

You want to be able to get the patient in and out with a smooth accurate transaction and make the patient smile and feel welcome in that short amount of time. If you develop a pace the patient will not feel rushed and you will not feel overwhelmed.

When dealing with patients you should always be calm and polite. If they have a problem you cannot help them with, ask a manager or another Bud-Tender on duty for assistance. If for some reason anyone is impolite or disorderly, they should be referred to the manager.

Be sure to try your best to keep the peace. The process of each P.O.S. software system varies with what a dispensary uses, but it ensures accurate calculations on the product, sales transactions, total numbers, and patient information.

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