Clones: Cannabis Plants Can Have MOM’s?

Using Mother Plants to Clone Cannabis

Selecting a female cannabis plant is the first step to finding a great mother that you can clone from. To keep a plant for “mothering“, you will want to keep the plant under 18 – 24 hours of light to keep her in a vegetative state.

Most growers will use a high-efficiency T5 light to keep the mother in a vegetative state. Keeping the mother under a T5 light will ensure slow vegetative growth, so she does not grow too rapidly or large.

Cutting clones from the mother’s branch tips and rooting them is called “cloning“. Having a mother plant to clone from helps you to be able to consistently cultivate strong, healthy clones from the strain you like. Cloning ensures that every cloned plant is a female and identical to the mother.

Cloning Cannabis to Create New Plants

Cloning is the process by which a branch-tip is cut and rooted to form a plant identical to the plant that it was cut from. Clones usually take 10 – 20 days to produce a strong, healthy root system and are given 18 – 24 hours of light during their life, for them to stay in a vegetative state.

Producing clones under ideal environmental conditions will help to ensure their growth and vitality. Clones that have developed a healthy root system can then be hardened and transplanted into a vegetative growing system.

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