Cannabis Seeds & Growing More Female Plants

Get More Female Plants via a Cannabis Seed

There are many factors which contribute or influence the sex of a cannabis seed. If you want to create more males or females cannabis seeds, all you have to do is change a few key things to have an increased yield of either.

As soon as the cannabis seedling has its first three pairs of true leaves, you can begin to make the changes to influence what you want to occur. Some of the environmental factors that contribute to the sex of a cannabis plant are:

  • Higher nitrogen levels – more female
  • Lower nitrogen levels – more male 
  • Increased potassium levels – more male
  • Lower potassium levels – more female 
  • Low temperatures – more females
  • Higher temperatures – more males
  • High humidity – more females
  • Low humidity – more males
  • Low growing medium moisture – more males
  • More blue light – more females
  • More red light – more males
  • Fewer hours of daylight (14 hours) – more females
  • Longer hours of daylight (18+hours) – more males
  • Environmental stress – more males

Remember that over- and under-watering are common mistakes that are made by growers when germinating seed and growing seedlings. Always keep the soil uniformly moist, but not soggy and drenched with water.

The smaller the container you’re planting in then less you will water, but do it every day. The larger the container is with soil then do more watering and the less often you will need to water, about one (1) to three (3) days.

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