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The goal of cannabis fertilizers is to supply plants with nutrients for their growth without over-fertilizing and creating toxic conditions. A 2-gallon (8 liters) container full of soil will supply nutrients the first month of growth then the cannabis plants will be running on fumes if there are no additional additives or fertilizers applied.

Soil-less mixes that are being used to grow your plants will require cannabis fertilizers from the start since there are no usable nutrients within the soil mixes or not enough to sustain plant growth. Marijuana’s metabolism changes as it grows and so does its cannabis fertilizers‘ needs.

During their vegetative growth, they require more nitrogen than phosphorus and potassium. As your plants progress into their flowering stage they require more potassium, phosphorus and calcium intake; though they still require nitrogen just in smaller doses.

The N-P-K labels on soil and fertilizer backs give you the total combined elemental amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Fertilizers are either water-soluble or partially soluble (gradual release or time-release).

marijuana fertilizersBoth types of cannabis fertilizers can be either organic or chemical in nature. Nutrients are measured in parts-per-million (PPM) within the United States even though they are shown as a percentage (%) concentration on the container label.

The PPM scale is simple: 1-PPM is one part of 1,000,000 so divide by 1-million to find the PPM. If you want to convert percentages to PPM, multiply the percentage by 10,000 & move the decimal point four (4) spaces to the right for your cannabis fertilizers.

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