Cannabis Training: New Features for Mobile App

Mobile App: “Just-In-Time” Cannabis Training

Using portable computing devices (using iPads, laptops, tablet PCs, PDAs, and smartphones) with wireless networks enables mobility and mobile learning, allowing teaching and learning to extend to spaces beyond the traditional classroom.

New mobile technology, such as hand-held based devices, is playing a large role in redefining how people receive information. The recent advances in mobile technology are changing the primary purpose of mobile devices from making or receiving calls to retrieving the latest information on any subject.

Numerous agencies including the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the intelligence community, and law enforcement are utilizing mobile technology for information management.

Within cannabis training for the industry, mobile learning gives businesses and employees increased flexibility as well as new opportunities for interaction. With our Mobile App, you can have a robust, intuitive experience, smooth interaction with desktop, and increased offline functionality are some of the new elements the Mobile App now offer learning communities throughout the cannabis training for the industry.


New Mobile App Features for Cannabis Training

Many of our new features are extensions to our Mobile App and below is a complete list of the new features:

  • Offline Lessons: Employees can access full sections without internet access, including activities and rich media
  • Offline Feedback Submission: Students can interact with this activity offline for cannabis training
  • Offline Revision: Managers can check out students attempts and submissions, as well as grade them
  • Support for Microsoft and Google OAuth 2 Authentication: Link Google or Microsoft accounts, and authenticated on their device
  • Support for New Course Overview

Green Cultured’s new release also includes the improvement of existing features for cannabis training:

  • Search also includes Messaging
  • Discussions can be pinned from the app
  • Access to Resource descriptions available from the app
  • Enhanced Notifications control
  • UX and appearance improved
  • File management from external improvements
  • An important, under-the-hood improvement for developers is the upgrade to back-end service

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