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Make the most of your expertise and experience by training online. Become a

Subject Matter Expert with Green CulturED to create exquisite online training and classroom courses through our Instructional Design process.

Learning Plans: Decrease the Time & Cost of Training

Establish “Baseline Knowledge” for ALL Your Employees

Learning Plans have been proven to reduce the amount of time to proficiency by 30 – 50% (making you more $$$ faster), so they’re designed to quickly improve performance for critical positions in your business quickly.

Learning Plans are a set of “learning goals” that your employees will achieve within a specific period of time and we divide larger goals (custom Learning Plan) into more manageable sub-goals (specific trainings) that can be realized within weeks.

So, when you work with us it really is as simple as:

  • Identify: processes critical to the success of your business.
  • Create: “real-world training” not information dumps.
  • Prove: train employees with competency-based courses and have their training reports emailed directly to YOUR inbox.

Our Training Platform uses a performance improvement approach to train employees, so we work CLOSELY with you to define what employees need to learn then we create the perfect Learning Plans for them to complete.

By keeping Learning Plans CLEAR and concisewe get your employees proficient in the shortest possible time. Spend less time training, more time doing.

Learning Plans (examples)

Learning Plans Customized for YOUR Specific Business Needs

Immediately See Return on Investment (ROI) for YOUR Training

We facilitate 100% of your employees’ training by creating custom Learning Paths, this will GUARANTEE that you see measurable improvements in your employees and your bottom line in as little as a couple weeks

By creating custom Learning Plans from our Course Catalog (or custom Instructional Design) you can EASILY meet the training needs of your business…these plans for employees are CRITICAL because they often have:

  • Direct contact with customers, so they are really the public face of your business.
  • A large number of workers in the role.
  • High complexity, thus taking a long time to learn.
  • Turnover rate reduces the quality of service.
  • Reduce potential for an accident, injuries or other risks.
  • Plus much, much more!

After developing your Learning Plans our approach is to manage 100% of your employees’ training from Day 1 to until they are proficient and for ALL the new employees you will have to hire in the future.

Message From Our Founder

Evan Erickson

Evan Erickson

Chief Training Officer & Founder

Be honest… How would you describe your cannabis industry training?

Underwhelming? Disorganized? Under-Trained? Over-Worked? Non-Existent?

Well if you said anything other than, “A well-oiled machine,” you’ve come to the right place. Assuming you are apart of a team, it’s likely a loosely assembled group, all scrambling around completing tasks, updating workers on new regulations, running in-person training, completing compliance requirements, and doing their best to “figure it out”…without anyone necessarily knowing what anyone else is doing.

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They’re busy. And they try hard. But are they really getting anything done? Is their work making a MEASURABLE difference to your company? When I asked this question about my own company, I didn’t like the answer. That’s why I created Green CulturED.

As a partner, you’ll be able to grow a dedicated, COORDINATED team of cannabis industry rock stars. And best of all, critical (but time-consuming) tasks such as recruiting, training and retaining top talent will become effortless, and you’ll finally have a team all moving toward the same goal…

…growing YOUR company! So if you like the idea of transforming your ordinary (or non-existent) training into a well-developed eLearning solution, then reach out to us today!