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Why Is “Open-Source” Moodle the World’s Most Widely Used LMS?

MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is the most widely used Learning Management System (LMS) in the world to deliver training through a custom learning platform designed for YOUR business requirements.

The Moodle LMS is provided freely as “open-source” software so anyone can adapt, extend, or modify the platform with NO licensing fees. Here are just a few ways you benefit using Moodle as your training platform:

  • Cost-Efficiencies (you’re NOT paying for the LMS code; it’s free)
  • Flexibility (customized and tailored to YOUR specific needs)
  • No “Vendor Lock (you OWN your Moodle code-base)
  • Branded (business branding & integrated into YOUR website)
  • Up-to-Date (fixes & improvements, released every SIX months)

We fully-manage your Moodle LMS (so you don’t need to learn new software; we do EVERYTHING) as an extension of your “team” and we “run” all aspects of your training platform – training whenever (24/7) and wherever (Mobile App).

Our unique combination of eLearning solutions, services, and experience deliver a powerful OUTCOME for your business by connecting the “dots” between the skills employees need to be better at their jobs and make YOU more $$$.

Moodle: Built for Learning, Globally

Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide businesses, managers, and employees with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create a personalized learning environments.

You can download the software onto your own web server or ask Green CulturED to assist you. Moodle is built by the Moodle project which is led and coordinated by Moodle HQ, which is financially supported by a network of over 100+ partners worldwide.


Proven and Trusted Worldwide

Powering tens of thousands of learning environments globally, Moodle is trusted by institutions and organizations large and small, including Shell, London School of Economics, State University of New York, Microsoft and the Open University. Moodle’s worldwide numbers of more than 100 million users across both academic and enterprise level usage makes it the world’s most widely used learning platform.


Designed to Support Both Teaching and Learning

With years of development guided by social constructionist pedagogy, Moodle delivers a powerful set of learner-centric tools and collaborative learning environments that empower both teaching and learning.


Easy to Use

A simple interface, drag-and-drop features, and well-documented resources along with ongoing usability improvements make Moodle easy to learn and use.


Free With NO Licensing Fees

Moodle is provided freely as “open-source” software, under the GNU General Public License. Anyone can adapt, extend or modify Moodle for both commercial and non-commercial projects without any licensing fees and can benefit from the cost-efficiencies, flexibility and other advantages of using Moodle.


Always Up-To-Date

The Moodle project’s open-source approach means that Moodle is continually being reviewed and improved on to suit the current and evolving needs of its users.


Moodle in Your Language

Moodle’s multilingual capabilities ensure there are no linguistic limitations to learning online. The Moodle community has begun translating Moodle into more than 120 languages (and counting) so users can easily localize their Moodle site, along with plenty of resources and support available in various languages.


All-In-One Training Platform

Moodle provides the most flexible tool-set to support both blended learning and 100% online courses. Configure Moodle by enabling or disabling core features, and easily integrate everything needed for a course by using its complete range of built-in features, including external collaborative tools such as forums, wikis, chats, and blogs.


Highly Flexible and Fully-Customizable

Because it is open-source, Moodle can be customized in any way and tailored to individual needs. Its modular setup and interoperable design allow developers to create plugins and integrate external applications to achieve specific functionalities. Extend what Moodle does by using freely available plugins and add-ons – the possibilities are endless!


Scalable To Any Size

From a few employees to millions of users, Moodle can be scaled to support the needs of both small classes and large organizations. Because of its flexibility and scalability, Moodle has been adapted for use across education, business, non-profit, government, and community contexts.


Robust, Secure & Private

To safeguarde data security and user privacy, security controls are constantly being updated and implemented in Moodle development processes and software to protect against unauthorized access, data loss and misuse. Moodle can be easily deployed on a private secure cloud or server for complete control.


Use Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device

Moodle is web-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. With a default mobile-compatible interface and cross-browser compatibility, content on the Moodle platform is easily accessible and consistent across different web browsers and devices.


Extensive Resources Available

Access extensive Moodle documentation and user forums in multiple languages, free content, and courses shared by Moodle users across the world, as well as over a thousand plugins, contributed by a large global community.


Backed by a Strong Community

The Moodle project is well-supported by an active international community, a team of dedicated full-time developers and a network of certified Moodle Partners. Driven by open collaboration and great community support, the project continues to achieve rapid bug fixes and improvements, with major new releases every six months.

Branded & Integrated Into Your Website

You will love how your LMS looks, but it’ll look even better once it’s branded to match your look and feel.

We will customize and brand Moodle – Learning Management System (LMS) to match your business then integrated into your current website domain (ex. LMS.your-website.com) while complying with modern web standards so your LMS will be accessible anywhere.

We will upload your logo and banner images, choose your preferred CSS styling and you are all set, our LMS branding allows you to bring your own look and feel to your LMS. Put your best foot forward, it is important; especially if you’re using your LMS to train your employees and partners, a brand-matched LMS means:

  • Corporate Logo
  • Images and Icons
  • Wordmarks
  • Branded Colors
  • Terminology
  • And much more…

The User-Interface (UI) will be designed to effectively project your brand by respecting your style guidelines…you can even modify the language employees will see in your LMS to reflect your organizational culture.

When we build engaging learning platforms that are eye-catching training sites and our experience is second to none so just tell us what you’re looking for, and the job’s as good as done.

A 100% Fully-Manage eLearning Solution

Green CulturED is a fully-managed solution for all things eLearning – from our Course Catalog to Instructional Design along with the development of new training and even a helpdesk for your employees.

An LMS provides your business and employees with 24/7 access to get the most out of training. Do you have the resources, budget, and the qualified personnel to accomplish your training goals?

You may find that after analyzing your business’s training needs you don’t have the training materials or in-house trainers. Deploying an eLearning solution and managing it is an all-consuming task of hosting to development, training to support and it requires expertise, which we are here to offer.

That is our job as your strategic partner – to support your employees by working with your business units and leadership at your company to register learners, develop online content and support training requests. We will do 100% of everything needed for your employee training and will work with your business at all levels of LMS operations to provide training and compliance reporting you need.


LMS Administration & Fully-Managed Employee Training

Here are some examples how we fully-manage your eLearning solution:

  • Weekly compliance reporting for your operation (emailed to managers and stakeholders) and maintaining the training records, tracking, and updating enrollments.
  • Managing your employees’ Learning Plans, planning training, and reporting.
  • Directing specific training needs to support the design, development, delivery, and assessment of training programs.
  • Work with you to gather requirements, design eLearning solutions for new training.
  • Monitoring the addition of new courses (released monthly) and assessments.
  • Developing customized reports for your management teams on their employee training.
  • Embracing planning goals effectively in order to maximize output and productivity.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of training and providing this information to management.
  • Ability to manage and assist with rapid training development to meet deadlines.
  • Help internal operations, such as HR, support, implementations, IT/Ops and sales.
  • Working with your technology and training partners/vendors as needed.

Course Catalog: New Trainings Released Monthly

Green CulturED listens to our most important stakeholders – YOU, our partner.

We have the most extensive Course Catalog in the cannabis industry, ensuring the best possible learning experience and we prioritize our Platform Roadmap based on client feedback.

If you need training for a specific topic please submit your needs on our Platform Roadmap. From this page, you can submit your ideas and vote on proposed courses in our feedback forum.

Below is a link to an easy reference to all the training that we currently provide, remember we have NEW courses released monthly and request training topics if you need anything not currently available.

Click here to view our Course Catalog

Mobile Learning – “just-in-time“ eLearning Solution

Over 70% of global Internet traffic is via mobile devices and all of us are using them more to access the Internet for everything we do – including our learning.

Using portable computing devices (such as iPads, laptops, tablet PCs, PDAs, and smartphones) with wireless networks enables mobility and mobile learning, allowing your employees extended learning opportunities beyond the traditional classroom.

The Mobile App puts personalized learning in your employees’ hands anytime, anywhere with our training videos, courses, books and audio from world-class training. With our eLearning solution, your employees can learn on their smartphones (no need to purchase computers) and work on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones):

  • Easily access course content: browse the content of your courses, even when offline.
  • Connect with course participants: quickly find and contact other people in your courses.
  • Keep up to date: receive instant notifications of messages and other events, such as assignment submissions.
  • Submit assignments: Upload images, audio, videos and other files from your mobile device.
  • Track your progress: View your grades, check completion progress in courses and browse your learning plans.
  • Complete activities: anywhere, anytime – attempt quizzes, post in forums, play SCORM packages, edit wiki pages and more – both on and off-line.
  • …and lots more!

As your employees switch from the Mobile App to a laptop computer to iPad or desktop, the LMS will automatically adjust to accommodate the device’s screen size, image size, and orientation.

You can use your LMS on any device without sacrificing on visual or functional quality; we develop a fully-responsive branded theme that looks as good on mobile, and tablet devices, as it does on laptop or desktop.


Optional: Create Your Branded Mobile App

It is our latest step forward towards excellent employee learning, a Branded Moodle Mobile App means:

  • Your organization’s own custom branding.
  • Simplified login.
  • Automatic updates, bug fixes, and new features every two months.
  • Offline capability which allows you to download your courses, content, quizzes and other materials direct to your device, which you can then access offline.
  • Separate hosting space in Moodle’s push notifications infrastructure for your site on both iOS and Android.

Getting a custom branded Moodle Mobile App is an easy process, simply send us with your graphics, branding assets, organization colors, technical details and we take care of the rest.

Regulatory Compliance & Tracking Employee Progress

Your business can now easily conquer the challenges of government regulations (federal, state and local) and now you are able to PROVE compliance with our training solution. Several ways to track your employees’ training:

  • Learning Plans
  • Grades
  • Competencies
  • Activity Completion
  • Course Completion

We work alongside our clients to reduce the risk, cost, and complexity of regulatory compliance by developing custom reporting based on what is needed to PROVE compliance.


Customizable & Configurable Compliance Reports

Green CulturED provides its standard reports as well as a robust configurable reporting and analytics with capabilities to gather important data through its custom reports builder. Anyone can create custom reports without SQL knowledge can generate them at the site- and course-level; here are some examples of custom reporting:

  • Course Report: information regarding courses.
  • Categories Reports: information regarding categories and a courses report can be embedded in this type of report.
  • User Reports: information regarding users and their activity in a course.
  • Timeline Reports: a special type of report that displays a timeline where a course or user report can be embedded in this timeline showing data depending on the start and end time of the current row.
  • Custom SQL Reports: custom SQL queries.
  • Advanced Features: filters, pagination, logic conditions and permissions, plots, templates support, export to Microsoft Excel and PDF.
  • Requests for new report types are always available.


Weekly Employee Progress Reports Sent via Email Automatically

We directly email you reports that can be scheduled to run automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for circulation to business owners and managers.

Easily be in compliance with our training, plus the ability to create custom resources, assessments, standard operating procedure (SOP) development and in-house Instructional Design to ensure your meeting government regulations.

Green CulturED is an expert in becoming compliant training from regulatory requirements so we’re focused on driving down the cost, risk, and complexity of your business.

Boost Performance & Increase Retention

Green CulturED is the only enterprise learning management solution that connects the dots between the skills and competencies that your employees need to be better at their jobs and prepare your business for tomorrow, to measurably improve performance.


Types of Employee Reports:

  • Competency Breakdown Report: allows you to view the competencies of each student in their course, along with their ratings.
  • Logs: log of activities in courses may be generated.
  • Activity Report: number of views for each activity and resource by employees.
  • Participation Report: for a particular learning activity.
  • Statistics: are enabled for the site, graphs, and tables of user activity may be generated.
  • Event Monitoring: notifications when certain events happen during employee training.

We provide your cannabis business with a user-friendly solution for measuring employee learning so you can define areas for quality improvement and increase their competencies to make your business better.


Save $$$ and Time

Investment in training can improve a company’s financial standing. Poor performance often results when employees don’t know exactly what they’re supposed to do, how to do their jobs or why they need to work a certain way.

Training can help solve these performance problems by explaining the job. We help reduce duplication of effort in the workplace; the time spent correcting mistakes and the problem solving necessary to correct bad performances.

Improved performance from employee training can reduce staff turnover, lower maintenance costs by reducing equipment breakdowns and result in fewer customer complaints. Better performance from employees typically creates less need for supervision and brings increased worker output.


Employee Satisfaction

Job satisfaction generally increases and self-esteem improves when employees better understand the workings of the company. Training can also enhance morale on the job and loyalty to your business. Workers who believe their company offers excellent training opportunities are generally less likely to leave their companies within a year of training than employees with poor training opportunities.


Sets Expectations and Needs

Training plays a key role in employee commitment and the program must meet expectations and needs of the employees. You are more likely to retain employees who view their training as relevant to their jobs and have a positive commitment to their job.

A successful training program consists of management providing employees with accurate information and communication about the training as well as a program that ensures that training is relevant to their jobs.


Turnover Costs

Keeping well-trained employees pays off significantly for companies because the cost of employee turnover is extremely expensive for your business.

Costs include separation costs, such as exit interviews, administrative functions related to termination, severance pay and unemployment compensation. Replacement costs consist of attracting applicants, entrance interviews, time expenses, pre-employment administrative expenses, medical exams and employment information.


Training Factors

Many factors determine whether a training program will be effective for a company that has lost employees, depending on how many workers are leaving. For example, using temporary workers to fill in for former employees on occasion might actually save costs.

Management can determine if a training program will work out by looking at the increased workloads for employees caused by vacancies, the stress, and tension from turnover, declining employee morale and the decreased productivity that results from high loss of employees.

Online Training w/ Traditional Classroom Methods

The results of Virtual and Blended Learning are evident and our experience shows that employees utilizing virtual blended learning solutions progress 3-times more quickly than those in a stand-alone classroom environment.

When successfully implemented, the benefits of Virtual and Blended Learning solutions range from motivation, personalization, consistent quality, on-demand results tracking, high scalability and easy implementation. Combines the best of both worlds:

  1. Aspects of classroom-based training.
  2. Best of technology innovations.

Training options from Green CulturED come in various forms to accommodate different learning styles, we provide clients with the following options.


Virtual Learning: Training Delivered 100% Online

How can your business facilitate an effective online training program without the ability to interact with employees in the same way they would in the classroom?

Our solution allows Virtual Learning for your business, managers, and employees in a single robust, secure and integrated system as part of our LMS solution – so you can truly teach online!

  • Online Courses – Green CulturED provides asynchronous online courses available for employees to learn and will receive one-on-one feedback with the course facilitator and other participants.
  • Webinars – You will be given a guided tour through the platform and can participate in these courses synchronously in your own time.

Create a learning experience using Virtual Learning functionality to schedule single and multi-session events online so employees can log in from multiple locations, assign managers, mark attendance and print rosters.


Blended Learning: “Best of Both Worlds” – Combining In-Person & Online Training

Blended Learning combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods so it requires the physical presence of both the trainer and employees.

Traditional classroom training is used to keep track of in-person (ex. on-site) training which requires advance booking, each activity is offered in one or more identical sessions and these sessions can be given over multiple days.

  • Onsite Workshop Training: Select members of our team join for face-to-face training and an extensive Q&A session to make sure you have all of the answers you need.
  • Consulting Services: Our Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) are leaders in the cannabis industry and are available to consult with your organization on a variety of initiatives.

Green CulturED provides pedagogical approaches, digital curriculum and tools for teaching in online or blended classrooms and hands-on experience learning in our solution. We engage in thoughtful planning with your business in order for these initiatives to be successful and improve your employees’ competencies.

Use ANY eLearning Providers & Their Training

Green CulturED is agnostic in terms of content provider and/or 3rd-party courses, which essentially means that we can “plug in and play” ANYONE’s education (3rd-party training content/courses) into your LMS without any issues, so now you can:

  1. Have employees complete training on the Mobile App.
  2. Create compliance reports for employee training.
  3. We fully-managed employee training, sending weekly reports to stakeholders.

Green CulturED supports integrations such as SCORM/AICCTinCan and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standards so our clients can access training from 1,000’s different platforms. You will have the ability to extend into-and-from other LMS systems which allow you to upload ANYONE’s content into your LMS (to bring new courses into your system) to deliver and track employee training.

Green CulturED boasts intuitive and neatest integrations in the cannabis industry so you can drag and drop new courses into your LMS and watch it immediately become available for employees to start learning.


Create Custom Content w/ Course Authoring Tools

Green CulturED provides your managers synchronous and asynchronous training options teach you how to use the LMS and course authoring tools to their fullest potential.

We support all content produced in all the major authoring tools, such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpringPro and Elucidat (just to name a few).

Our self-paced courses allow you to learn on your own using in-depth, online resources, as well as to communicate with other members of your business using built-in communication tools. Remote-facilitated provides individual attention to each participant, providing feedback between participants and facilitators, as well as across the participant cohort.

Both types of courses include a number of graded activities to help track comprehension and progress and our facilitated courses are designed for participants who need access to a subject matter expert.

Cloud Servers Are Robust, Secure & Scalable

Green CulturED is highly reliable and secure with an uptime of over 99.99%. We are committed to safeguarding data security and user privacy, security controls are constantly being updated and implemented in our development processes and software to protect against unauthorized access, data loss and misuse.

Moodle project’s open-source approach means that Moodle undergoes rigorous, independent penetration tests several times a year and is continuously improved to suit meet the evolving needs.

With worldwide numbers of more 100+ million users across both academic and enterprise level usage makes it the world’s most widely used learning platform so you never need to worry about finding another solution.


Scalable eLearning Solution

Green CulturED scales easily with your business, from a few employees to hundreds or thousands, we can scale to support the needs of your business. Powering tens of thousands of learning environments globally, Moodle is trusted by organizations large and small.

Our fully-managed services support your business by Green CulturED owning some of the LMS processes by helping managers and supporting employees with their day-to-day training. This can include customizations and configurations, working closely with our support personnel and acts as a liaison between managers and employees being trained.


Highly Reliable Partner = Green CulturED

Green CulturED’s infrastructure caters for scaling and load-balancing during peak usage times, with our automated monitoring keeping a close eye on your content delivery and usage, your need for security, reliability, and scalability is in good hands.

We provide a customer support portal and endless community support; we’ve got your back from every angle. You’ll be able to ask any questions or about issues that arise, deliver implementation, configuration and consulting services and to resolve any technical issues that you may come across.

Our team will know your team and your site from the inside out. Your site administrators can submit support tickets by phone or through our support portal with any questions or issues that may arise and they will have access to a detailed knowledge base of help and support.

License/Sell Courses via eCommerce Integration

Green CulturED provides a fully-featured eCommerce integration, or shopping cart, which seamlessly integrates with your LMS to provide automated student enrollment upon successful online payment and/or registration.

Online shoppers have come to expect fully automated processes – leverage our single sign-on to provide lightning fast course access with the minimum of fuss.

Your business can allow corporate customers to instantly administer their own multi-seat purchases; this allows your customers quick and unfettered access to browse a complete product listing without becoming distracted by the learning technology itself.

Reassure your customer with familiar branding, design, and message to create a truly seamless user experience, our eCommerce functionality allows you to do the following (plus much more):

  • Multiple payment gateways supported.
  • Instant LMS enrollment on a purchase.
  • Sell multiple seats and allow purchasers to allocate seats to users with ‘Manage Licenses’ admin capability.
  • Sell bundled products – one product unlocks multiple LMS courses.
  • Waiting Lists – set seat limitations on courses and enable a wait list when they go ‘sold out’.
  • Discount codes, vouchers, discounts by quantity bands.
  • Deferred (delayed) payments (payment by invoice) – perfect for corporate sales.
  • Custom development was undertaken – almost anything can be built.
  • SugarCRM, Salesforce.com integration with shopping cart and LMS.
  • Sell physical goods too – multiple weights and zones shipping capabilities.
  • Full tax calculations including an integration with Avalara / Avatax.
  • Affiliate tracking integration.
  • Your own fully-branded shopping cart.

Partner-Driven Roadmap: Request ANY Training Topics

Would you like to request training that is not in our Course Catalog?

You can submit your topics ideas to be added to our Course Catalog and suggest training topics that you need below.

Innovating education takes hard work, planning, and cooperation from our clients; that’s why it’s critical we hear from you. To create training that is applicable to the cannabis industry, our Platform Roadmap ensures business training problems that keep you up at night…go away!

We help you make training problems get completely eliminated. We’d love to hear from you!