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Together We’ll Build You a “Training Machine” That Will Transform Ordinary Teams into Profitable Cannabis EXPERTS From Scratch (Even While You’re Sleeping) in About 90 Days (or 60 if You Hurry).


Calendar and Checklist

Calendar and Checklist

Duration: 1 Hour

Format: 100% Online

Enrollment: 90 Days

Audience: Cannabis Cultivation


Cannabis Calendar and Checklist

Master growers always maintain a growing calendar. Implementing a grow calendar will help you plan your growth cycle. To ensure the highest quality plant, you will also want to keep a plant care checklist. This checklist will help you keep up with vital quality checks throughout the average three-month life cycle of your plants.

In this training, you will learn the cutting-edge best practices for keeping your cannabis garden healthy. With our Calendar and Checklist training, you will explore the best methods to keep up with the daily needs of your cannabis plants. This way, they will be properly cared for at every stage of their growth, which will yield you the highest quality plant possible.

Even for experienced growers, keeping track of all the needs of cannabis plants can be overwhelming. But with our training and support, you will have all the knowledge you need to stay on top of it. You will discover every necessary task and develop a clear schedule that works so you will never miss another critical piece of care for your cannabis again.

Learning Objectives

  • You will discover the time required to maintain your growing equipment and plants so you can effectively manage your time
  • You will explore the major milestones of plant development during each stage of the plant’s life
  • You will learn the daily plant care tasks required to achieve the highest quality plant
  • You will master creating and managing your cannabis grow calendar

Already Enrolled?

Annual Lifecycle: Cannabis Grows Seasonally

Micro-Learning Format

  • Video: Interactive Training
  • Resource: eBook Guide
  • Assessment: Quiz Activity
  • Glossary: Industry Terms
  • Display: Digital Certificate

Who Should Join?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? Get Answers! Leverage Our HQ+ Enterprise as Your Total eLearning Solution for Your Business Where Training STICKS & Great Teams Get Built.

Why are we doing this?

Our stated mission… is to train at least 1,000,000 individuals over the next five (5) years (while we know we can’t train that many at once), but by being an “extension of your team” and working with team leaders to reach this goal, we will be living out our MISSION every day. We also know that it’s harder than ever to succeed if you try to “go it alone,” so let’s get started helping each other today!

What is HQ+ is NOT about?

HQ+ is unlike any other “training” program you’ve experienced in the past! It is a full-service, end-to-end “training machine” designed to help you generate buyers from scratch and scale faster than you ever thought possible. This is an interactive experience where we’ll incorporate gamification into your training strategy, build your team’s growth, and craft your quarterly training (every 90 days) plan PLUS we’ll be there with your team each step along the way to help you easily execute.

  • HQ+ is not another “training program.” Yes, there is cannabis content and training, but at its heart, this is a “turn-key” eLearning solution where we will drag your team, even kicking and screaming if we have to, across YOUR finish line to meet the goals for your business.
  • HQ+ is not one size fits all. We’ll start by building a custom 90-day Learning Plan for your business, then help you choose the future Learning Plans and eLearning initiatives that you want to implement so you can accomplish your stated MISSION and business goals.
  • HQ+ is not another hack or tactic. Yes, we will give you access to dozens of “micro-learning” training and mastery certifications, but the ultimate goal of HQ+ Enterprise is to SLAY shiny object syndrome… we do not want encourage that in your team members.

HQ+ Enterprise will give you EVERYTHING that you need to double (2x) team member’s cannabis industry skills and expertise in your business in ninety (90) days or less (then again every quarter).

What are HQ and HQ+ differences?

Here’s the differences between HQ and HQ+ Enterprise… but in a “nut shell” basically HQ is a one (1) user account that’s made for team leaders to “up-level” their skills whereas HQ+ Enterprise is made for team training and businesses who will have multiple team members using our platform…

  • HQ: Is our top solution for developing team leaders in the cannabis industry and it’s a single (1) user account on our platform. HQ is a rapid growth strategy where we provide unlimited access to 99% of our training library, but it does NOT provide you the Learning Management System (LMS) platform functionality required to upskill your entire team.
  • HQ+ Enterprise: Is our “turn-key” solution made for business-wide implementation for multi-user (2+) accounts where you’ll BENEFIT from our suite of industry-leading eLearning solutions made for tracking your team’s training, manage team members, and ability to edit/assign your Learning Plans so you’ll have everything all in one easy place! 
Who is a good fit for HQ+?

If any of the following describes you, then HQ+ Enterprise is likely a GOOD fit for your business:

  • Team Leaders & Managers: Who want to AVOID the painful training curves for their team members and discover a total eLearning solution “shortcut” to drive business success.
  • HR Professionals & Practitioners: Who feel the pressure to ENSURE training plans are strategic, yet need to address turnover related to a lack of professional development.
  • Regulatory & Compliance Officers: Who are looking to AUTOMATE the training process to kickstart their business’ growth or take an already growing business to the next level.
  • C-Suite Executives & Business Owners: Who want to become true experts in the cannabis industry (HINT: If you’re a CEO or head of HR, this is the ultimate “turn-key” onboarding and “up-leveling” training solution for emerging leaders who are on your team right now).
How is HQ+ made for my team?

HQ+ Enterprise is a total eLearning solution… for every aspect of your businesses in the cannabis industry. A well-trained team generates more sales, makes less mistakes, and contributes more deeply to your cannabis business. So if you’re interested in training your team members to MASTER the necessary cannabis industry skills to become an expert then you have found your new “home.”

Our extensive range of eLearning solutions enable your business to GROW, enhance operational efficiencies, comply with all relevant regulations and standards, and increase customer satisfaction. 

What are the benefits of HQ+?

Our extensive range of eLearning solutions enables… your business to grow, enhance operational efficiencies, comply with relevant regulation and standards and increase customer satisfaction. A well-trained team generates more sales, makes less mistakes and contributes more DEEPLY to your business. We provide a “turn-key” solution for every aspect of your business that will help with: 

  • Improving Team Performance: Providing team members with the cannabis industry expertise they need to make a positive IMPACT on your business. Learning new skills empower your team to deliver a better quality of work with increased effectiveness.
  • Tracking Team Skills:  Monitor and track team member training to ensure your team is up-to-date and possess the relevant skills to PERFORM their role at the highest level possible.
  • Increasing Engagement: We don’t make this stuff up, this is what’s been DISCOVERED by Fortune 500 companies who cultivate high-performance “learning culture” in their team. 
  • Risk Management: Ensure team members are aware of risks and potential weaknesses. Easily educate your team members how to identify and mitigate RISKS in the cannabis industry and succeed by addressing all those problems on a timely (and compliant) basis.
  • “Just-in-Time” Training: Our Mobile App is available as a “just-in-time” solution that’s created with the BUSY modern team members in mind so they can even train 100% offline.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Better-trained teams are more PRODUCTIVE and able to better serve your customers… as customer retention increases, so does your bottom-line ($$$).
  • Improving Employee Retention: According to Work Institute’s “Retention Report,” they put the median COST of replacing a team member at 33% percent of their annual salary.
What features are included in HQ+?

HQ+ gives you the total eLearning solution you require… to start, manage, and grow a training program that drives success in your cannabis business. But most IMPORTANTLY, we become an “extension of your team” so you have unrestricted access to us and the vast knowledge of our team.

We provide on-demand, byte-sized (aka “micro-learning”) training that’s delivered in Learning Plans for your team to gain new skills based on your business mission and goals. Using our eLearning solutions, you benefit from an ENTERPRISE Learning Management System (LMS) so you can track your team’s training progress, manage teams and edit your Learning Plans all in one easy place!

  • “All-Access Pass” to 99% of our entire training library and instantly start ALL new training
  • Access our mastery certifications… PLUS receive all future updates and new ones created
  • Implement safety and health training and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards
  • Instantly access NEW training released each and every month from our Platform Roadmap
  • Receive Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for all compliance training that’s completed
  • Display digital badges on LinkedIn and the ability to VERIFY all training certificates issued
  • Request and VOTE on new features you want directly on our Platform Roadmap process
  • Train “just-in-time” and anywhere (even OFFLINE without Internet) via our Mobile App
  • Join “GC Engage” (it is our exclusive “cannabis loving” community for members ONLY)
  • Access our Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) for professional cannabis industry advice
  • Our weekly “GC Insider” to get cannabis industry STRATEGIES and the latest updates
  • Special “GC Deals” on our NEW eLearning solutions and from our partner community
  • Bonus #1: Create CUSTOM Learning Plans for your team based on their specific job roles
  • Bonus #2: Team dashboard AUTOMATES your training process and provides reporting
  • Bonus #3: We PRIORITIZE all your requests that you add/vote on our Platform Roadmap
  • Bonus #4: Use our LMS to convert your pre-existing training materials into online courses
How does team onboarding work?

HQ+ Enterprise offers team management and messaging features through our suite of Learning Management System (LMS) tools. For additional support ENGAGING your team, we provide you with our “Success Strategy” which includes your tools like “Team Communication Toolkit” and more!

Can I customize HQ+ to meet my needs?

Using HQ+ Enterprise allows you to extend functionality and incorporate additional eLearning solutions to create a flexible, personalized Learning Management System (LMS) designed to reach your goals for every aspect of training. Our LMS is an incredibly ROBUST platform, offering endless possibilities for your team and we’re constantly looking for ways to enhance the user experience.

We regularly upgrade our LMS with new and IMPROVED features, including user interface improvements, administration experience, user-requested features, any necessary security patches, and more. You’ll typically customize these four (4) features to meet your requirements: 

1. Customize Learning Plans

Design a training experience that is based on your team’s job roles that will create behavior change in fun, ENGAGING ways. Learning Plans enables your team to stay up-to-date with the skills you require so that they can develop the right competencies and easily validate all of their training.

  • Create your Learning Plans using the right MIX of content and training such as videos and assessments so that you can provide the best learning experience for your users.
  • Develop recurring certifications to ensure you are up-to-date with compliance and ENCOURAGE your team to freshen their cannabis industry knowledge and skillsets.
  • Create Learning Plans to ENSURE deep understanding of subjects by creating a combination or a hierarchical sequence of training that teams will need to complete.

2. LMS Platform Functionality

Your software needs to reflect your company structure by defining roles and hierarchies that automatically create reporting lines. Management rights and security permissions can help organize learners and STREAMLINE specific Learning Plans. Generating reports in a drag and drop interface and aggregating data can save time and by scheduling specific reports automatically.

  • Create hierarchical levels such as departments, positions, locations and different jobs roles in a tree structure which ALIGNS to the exact needs of your cannabis business.
  • Provide managers with flexibility to control access, set conditional rules, assign Learning Plans, have VISIBILITY on training progress and report on specific role-based teams.
  • Ensure the right levels of security for specific user-groups such as team leaders in your training environment so they can configure LMS functionalities to meet their needs.
  • Build reports to narrow down your analysis to specific SEGMENTS such as locations, departments and job roles by using pre-defined conditions, advanced filters and sorting.
  • Produce CUSTOM reports so that you see the information you need in the exact way you need with drag and drop, instant preview, inline column editing and aggregation.
  • Share your reports to ensure that your key internal and external stakeholders are up-to-date using an EASILY accessible format via the ad-hoc or our report scheduling tool.

3.  Platform Roadmap Releases

Our Platform Roadmap (click here) is the “action plan” to how we develop future eLearning solutions that are continuously evolving over time. Our team uses it to outline NEW functionality and future features that’ll be released in a way that’s responsive to your needs in the industry.

We need your help prioritizing the top ideas for our Platform Roadmap so add “ideas,” vote on your favorite ones and spread your votes out. The ones with the most votes at the end of prioritization get top attention from our team, so VOTE wisely. The Platform Roadmap is our shared source of truth that outlines the vision, direction, priorities and progress of our total eLearning solutions. 

4. Custom LMS Tenant

When your business starts to have over 100+ user accounts then we typically recommend several customized options that allow for a even further seamless user experience. Not every IT and L&D team has the bandwidth to support implementing, hosting, and managing an LMS in a business.

Not to mention, with thousands of complimentary LMS tools and solutions available, it can be HARD to determine which solutions will be most effective for reaching your business goals. By working with us, you ensure “best-of-breed” training plan that is designed to meet all of your goals.

Can I create my own custom training?

Want to translate your team’s current training into an online format so you can start using your content online to train your using business’ existing materials? Do it the right away with HQ+ Enterprise using our most POPULAR features already built in so you to have your own custom training up and running with no hassle. It’s customizable, mobile ready and maintenance free so you can choose from our training library or use our Learning Management System’s (LMS’s) 1,000’s of activities and resources functionality to customize your team’s training and you’re ready to go!

Learning Activities

An activity is a general name for a group of features in our Learning Management System (LMS) where learning activities are something that the team will interact with. Other team members and/or the leadership team will have 1,000’s of different learning activities available in our LMS.

  • Assignments: Enable you to GRADE and give comments on uploaded files/assignments
  • Chat: Allow teams to have REAL-TIME synchronous discussions online during training
  • Choice: You can ASK your team a question and specifies a choice of multiple responses
  • Database: Enables teams to create, maintain and SEARCH a bank of record entries
  • Feedback: For creating and CONDUCTING team surveys to collect all of their feedback
  • Forum: Allows team members to have MEANINGFUL asynchronous discussions online
  • Glossary: Enables your team to CREATE and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary
  • H5P Activity: Enables H5P content created in the content bank to be easily added 
  • Lesson: Made for delivering content in FLEXIBLE ways to all of your team members
  • LTI External Tool: Allows your team to interact with LTI compliant learning activities
  • Quiz: Allows you to DESIGN and set quiz tests, which may be automatically graded too
  • SCORM: Enables you to use SCORM packages to be included as training content
  • Survey: For gathering data from team members to HELP you learn about their training
  • Wiki: A collection of web pages that anyone on your team can add to or ENHANCE
  • Workshop: Easily ENABLE peer assessments for all of your team members online

Training Resources

A resource is an item that you can use to support learning, such as a file or link. Our platform SUPPORTS a range of resource types which team leaders can add to their training. When you add resources they appear as a single link with an icon in front of it that represents the type of resource.

  • Book: Multi-page resources with a book-like format and you can EASILY export them
  • File: Use a picture, a PDF document, a spreadsheet, a sound file, or even a video file
  • Folder: For HELPING you organize files and one folder may even contain other folders
  • IMS Content Package: Add STATIC material from sources in the standard IMS content
  • Label: Can be a few displayed words or an image USED to separate resources/activities 
  • Page: They’ll see a single, scrollable screen that you CREATE with the robust HTML editor
  • URL: You can SEND team members to any place they can reach on their web browser

We configure features and extend functionality in our LMS with 1,000’s of available plugins that you can UTILIZE in your custom training. You’ll have the features you need to meet the requirements of your team and integrate with no constraints you’ll find in other traditional LMS’s.

How are other businesses using HQ+?

You can learn more about… how other cannabis businesses IMPLEMENTED our HQ+ Enterprise solution in the “Case Studies & White Papers” (click here) section of our website for you to explore.

Are you an accredited training provider?

We are accredited training provider for… many government regulators actually, so for example, we’re AUTHORIZED by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to provide their “Responsible Vendor” training, Alaska Marijuana Control Board’s “Marijuana Handler Permit,” the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) along with many other recognitions.

We are dedicated to developing cannabis-specific Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and providing internationally recognized training to guide cannabis businesses to ENSURE only safe, consistent, and quality cannabis products are available. Our designations recognize the quality standards we have adopted to ensure training produced maintains the highest standards possible.

All of our approved training has been accepted as conforming to STANDARDS and any related regulation, rules and guidelines ensuring you are provided with eLearning solutions that meet real cannabis business needs. Our accreditations and authorizations demonstrate that we go beyond a simple benchmarking by providing a consistently excellent solution to your cannabis business.

Is my investment fully guaranteed?

Obviously we can’t guarantee your success. No one can. But here’s what we can do. We can guarantee that you’ll get enough VALUE in the first 30 days, alone, to more than cover your investment for the rest of the year. It could happen in your first week when you crystalize your 90-day Learning Plan. Or maybe you’ll get a critical question answered on your very first Learning Plan that breaks through a major barrier. Or maybe you’ll gain early access to some of our proven “micro-learning” and mastery certifications, and that’s what covers your investment in our solutions.

We don’t know what it will be, because there are so many ways you can win, but we’re so confident that your investment will be covered in the first 30 days that we’ll refund every penny if it doesn’t happen. In other words, you risk nothing. Either your investment is covered in 30 days, or you cancel and pay nothing. It’s as simple as that. You have nothing to lose, and so, so much to gain. So join today, together we’ll build and execute a solution to at least double your team’s profitability.

How can I receive budget approval?

We often suggest… using one of our case studies or white papers to highlight the value of HQ+ for your team with your stakeholders to SUPPORT budget approval. You can learn about how businesses use our eLearning solutions on our “Case Studies and White Papers” page (click here).

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all payment methods… you can use ANY major credit/debit cards and we also accept checks or ACH Bank Transfers that’s payable by invoice so schedule a demo to get started today!

What HQ+ plans do you offer, am I locked-in?

Monthly or Annually. You can choose to be on a month-to-month or annual plan for the HQ+ Enterprise. We HATE contracts and never want you to feel “locked-in,” so we like the idea of having to earn your business each and every month or year. So you can start and stop, or make changes to the number of users on your plan at any time, see our “Terms and Conditions” (click here) for details.

How are additional HQ+ users billed?

Billed immediately… annual plans and monthly plans are billed immediately then we’ll make a change to your plan so at the end of your paid-period it cover any NEW user(s) added into the next billing period. For example, if you’re using HQ+ Enterprise and you add one (1) users to your account in a given month, your payment method on file would be charged for the additional user immediately then you would have that new user incorporated into your next payment period too.

Can I easily change or cancel my plan?

We’ve made it easy! You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the number of users on your plan at ANY TIME and if you decide to change up your eLearning solutions, charges from changing your plan to a different pricing-tier in the middle of a billing cycle will be prorated during that period.

Can I get a refund, if it’s not right for my team?

We think you and your team will love HQ+ Enterprise… but to get a full refund, submit a refund request within thirty (30) days of your payment. Our team will process your refund right away with NO questions asked. Any certificates earned within the thirty (30) days will be revoked if you decide to refund within that period, but for information review our “Terms and Conditions” (click here).

What is your approach to security and privacy?

We take privacy seriously… and COMPLY with all General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), etc. laws, find details in our “Privacy Policy” (click here).

Our Guarantees

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Completely Removes RISK From You & Places it Squarely on Us. If You’re Not 100% Satisfied, We’ll Promptly Refund Your Enrollment… No Questions Asked.

Worry-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Green CulturED, we guarantee your satisfaction. We guarantee you’re going to love our total eLearning solutions that we’re frequently adding new features and training from our Platform Roadmap as requested by our community (YOU).

But if at any time during the first 30-days you are unsatisfied with all of the incredible eLearning solutions you have accessed, just let us know and we’ll be HAPPY to process a full refund with no questions asked, so go ahead with:

  • “Test-Driving” Our Platform… try it and report back… if you’re not happy with your eLearning experience, then we’ll refund you promptly.
  • 100% Safe & Secure Checkout… payment processed through secure merchant gateway networks… we’re excited to have you join!

Industry-Leading Support & Service

Green CulturED serves as an “extension to your team” (or as your “personal cheerleader”) and working with us is like inheriting a highly-skilled, extremely positive TOTAL eLearning solutions team to support you with our expertise.

Our cannabis industry-leading support team provides a thoughtful, human response to all your inquiries in two (2) hours or LESS (Monday – Friday business hours). In an industry where a “good” response time is 1 – 2 days (at best).

You’ll see we’re very different and how we exercise “extreme ownership” to support YOU. Our team is determined to provide individualized, responsive support that you should receive from anyone who is dedicated to your success!

100% Accessible & Compliant Platform

One of the biggest challenges that learners face today is “accessibility” in their eLearning solutions. Our platform is American Disability Act (ADA), Accessible Canada Act, etc. compliant and why we started our “Industry Impact Program”.

We are sensitive to disabilities so we provide closed-captioning (sub-titles) for hearing-impaired and screen readers for visually-impaired individuals who want to learn. We have worked extensively to MEET these “accessibility” standards.

Our platform is composed of a complex system with many parts and aspects of our development is always evolving so “accessibility” is NOT a state. It is a process of continuous improvement in response to our learners and technical environment. 

Evan Erickson

Evan Erickson

Chief Training Officer

Green CulturED

Chief Training Officer & Founder Message

How would you describe your cannabis training? Underwhelming? Non-existent? If you said anything other than a “well-oiled machine,” then you’re at the RIGHT place if you want to transform ordinary training into a well-developed solution.

Is your training actually making a MEASUREABLE difference to you? I asked this question about my “learning experiences” when I got started in cannabis, I didn’t like the answer. That’s why we’re here, so you’ll always be a cannabis expert.

In the spirit of “open-sourcing” our eLearning solutions you’ll find our ground-breaking training, industry strategies, and Ed-Tech to learn everything you need (or actually GROW your business) and much more… without all of the headaches.


The Best Cannabis Industry Training... PERIOD.

Our Hyper-Focused, On-Demand "Micro-Learning" Helps You Stay-on-Top of the Latest Industry Strategies & Tactics so You’ll Have the Training that Will GROW Your Skills to Become an Expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

We Have Helped Thousands of Cannabis Enthusiast & Workers GROW Their Knowledge, Let's Walk-Through Questions About Our Proven eLearning Solutions.

Do you offer a free trial of your training?

Yes! We offer a 90-day "Free Trial" (click here) so you can "test-drive" our platform and know what to expect in our eLearning solutions when it comes to our online "micro-learning" format. If you need your trial to last longer than 90-days or you need more time to test our eLearning solutions... you can always START your free trial again by simply re-enrolling...

How do I log in to access my training?

To log into your account, go to the "Training Login" (click here) on our platform and access the eLearning solutions you're enrolled in the Learning Management System (LMS). Put simply, the LMS dashboard is your "homepage" where you have an overview of your training and any activities which may need attention, so you know what to do to continue learning.

If you cannot log in, you can RESET your password from the "Lost your password?" (click here) option on our platform if you do not remember your password or forgot the email address you registered your account under. You should have received a welcome email after registering on our platform and it contains account details for your login information.

Remember, complete the "Whitelist Instructions" (click here) for our email address. You want to be sure that you are receiving our emails too... otherwise, you might NOT get your certificate and other cool things... they're all sent via email so make sure you receive them...

Are you an accredited education provider?

Yes! Yet... it VARIES so much. For example, we're accredited by Alaska's Marijuana Control Board to provide their "Marijuana Handler Permit," Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to provide their required "Responsible Vendor" compliance training and others... see our "About Us" (click here) page for accreditations and memberships.

And 99% of our training applies to ANY country or jurisdiction (ex. Canada, Europe Australia, etc.) since our team publishes all our education "agnostically" (or "white-labeled") so our eLearning solutions really apply to anyone that needs cannabis education... you must understand "English" (our "native language") that's really the only criterion to get started.

Our team is always creating new accredited curricula with our Subject Matter Experts who are industry professionals in their respective fields of study. The industry is still developing and there is no universal accreditation (ex. Department of Education, etc.), but we expect to see this change in the NEAR future and realize the vital role that accreditation plays.

Do you offer team training for my business?

Yes! We provide a total eLearning solution, so you can EASILY train your team in a way that will provide you a "turn-key" solution for your whole team at an affordable price. It's called "Headquarters" (click here), "HQ" for short, and how we become an "extension of your team" to increase your profitability ($$$), ensure you're compliant and reducing your safety risks.

We have clients from dozens of countries around the globe utilizing our eLearning solutions since 99% of our training applies to ANY country (as long as you speak English is our only current limitation). We have been trusted for years by companies around the world and we're endorsed by the leaders that are driving the cannabis industry forward so if there's training missing that you need then we will publish it via our "Platform Roadmap" (click here).

We've built a best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS) that can be customized to your business from one centralized dashboard, allowing you to create learning plans for your teams, then track and assess everyone's activities with analytics. Whether you want your team to perform better, to make better STRATEGIC decisions, or new staff to learn quickly... they will be equipped with credible knowledge and industry skills needed for your business.

How will your industry training help me?

It depends! Being an expert is the industry's most valuable ASSET. It will create meaningful relationships with your peers and develop your knowledge to apply new skills. Proper training pays for itself over time and what you will learn makes you truly irreplaceable.

Our training itself is highly valuable if you need to set yourself apart from the competition in the cannabis industry. What's far MORE valuable than any certificate, however, is the actual knowledge you're going to receive when you take our training and pass all the assessments. You will learn everything about cannabis that you need to know, and we'll say that again:

You will KNOW the cannabis industry, but it really depends on who you are...

  • If you're a "cannabis lover," this training will set you apart from others who merely have read information online or have no cannabis knowledge, it is specialized training that you want today and lovingly seeking to learn more about cannabis.
  • If you're an industry professional, we can help set you apart from your peers and make you more valuable to your company. This is the surest way to get a raise or promotion that you likely already deserve (but don't have a tangible reason to ask).
  • If you provide ancillary services, our eLearning solutions are a tangible way to show that you understand and know the industry, which helps you attract better, higher-paying clients to bolster your revenue and make a "bottom-line" impact.
  • If you're a manager or business owner, this training is a great way to learn on-demand for yourself. We are your "Headquarters" (click here) and a great way to train team members so they're up to speed on the latest trends and best practices.
Is it legal for me to take your training?

Yes! It is 100% legal and you may enroll in our training regardless of the country in which you currently reside since we're based in the United States and we are all protected by the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech). Regardless of location, it is legal to learn about cannabis and we have learners enrolling every single day since our training applies to ANY country.

Taking our eLearning solutions, really, is the same as shopping on Amazon.com, eBay.com, or any place where you can legally purchase cannabis-related books, DVD’s, magazines, or guides... so it is 100% legal to learn from us anywhere you are located on planet earth...

Do you meet legal accessibility requirements?

Yes! One of the biggest challenges that learners face today is "Accessibility" in their eLearning solutions and why we started our "Industry Impact Program" (click here) to make this change. Unlike most of our competitors (which they do have great content), we are VERY different and sensitive to disabilities so we provide closed-captioning (sub-titles) for hearing-impaired and screen readers for those visually-impaired who want to learn about cannabis.

Our platform is composed of a complex system with many parts and its development is always evolving so "Accessibility" is NOT a state. It is a process of continuous improvement in response to our learners and our wider technical environment. We have worked extensively to meet "Accessibility" standards. And here are the details how we meet those requirements:

  • United States: "American Disability Act" (Section 508) is required so that information and technology are accessible for anyone with disabilities.
  • Canada: "Accessible Canada Act" aims to benefit all citizens, especially those individuals with disabilities, by helping to create barrier-free accessibility.
  • Europe (EU): "European Accessibility Act" used by EU governments and universities, this aims to improve the trade and remove country-specific rules.
  • Australia: "Disability Discrimination Act" applies to organizations developing online resources so there is no discrimination against people with disabilities.
  • WCAG 2.0: Used when deciding how to present content for the best web accessibility, these guidelines are always followed when we develop any media.
  • ATAG 2.0: Guidelines to construct content (as well as consuming online content) and helps to improve the accessibility of the media that our team produces.
  • ARIA 1.0: As many parts of the user interface are dynamic and interactive, we follow these recommendations to utilize assistive technologies (ex. screen-readers).
What is your online training format like?

Interactive! Our training is designed in a "micro-learning" format that is typically completed in less than a one (1) hour period, but you will find some longer ones too. "Micro-learning" is a HOLISTIC approach for skill-based learning which deals with relatively small learning units that are short-term-focused strategies specifically designed for skill-based training needed. We always recommend to try our "Free Trial" (click here) to get an idea of our format.

And our team of educational-technologist, Instructional Designers and Subject Matter Experts (SME's) strive to provide you with the best industry training and eLearning solutions available. With their peer-reviewed citations as leading experts, scientists, doctors, and educators... we always provide the best learning experience. Request new training on our "Platform Roadmap" (click here) or VOTE on current ones contributed by our community.

How long do I have access to my training?

It varies... there is never any type of time limitations and training is ALWAYS happening because our training is 100% online, so you can start whenever you like. Typically, our enrollment duration for most of our training is one (1) year enrollment duration (unless noted). You will always be able to learn at your own pace, start, and stop at any time!

Even though many different governments have specific time requirements for compliance training, there is no time limit to complete our training. You can work at your own PACE without having to worry about losing your enrollment and any time frame listed to complete the training is an average since it varies person-to-person and your personal experience.

For many learners who are well-versed in the subject matter, they can get through training at a much faster pace, and those that need to review the material can do so without having to feel PRESSURED about completing in a specific time frame or achieving specific competency.

How difficult are the training assessments?

Satisfyingly enough... you'll find that our assessments are "satisfyingly difficult." By that we mean, it's difficult enough that you need to actually KNOW the materials, but it isn't tricky or difficult just for the sake of being difficult. The majority of our training requires an 80% passing grade in order to complete (unless noted) and your certificate is immediately issued.

That said, to preserve the exclusivity and importance of this designation, we have made the assessments challenging and the questions pertain to our proprietary methodologies, so you shouldn't expect to be able to pass just because you have taken other training... we are VERY different compared to our competitors and our assessments will reflect those differences.

If I fail, am I allowed to re-take the assessment?

Yes! If you do not receive a passing grade (typically 80% or above is required) you may retake the assessment an unlimited number of times. After each failed attempt, you receive immediate FEEDBACK why it was incorrect and provides you some additional learning.

Am I guaranteed to get a certificate of completion?

No! A certificate of completion that can simply be purchased isn't WORTH the paper it's printed on. That's why our training is challenging. If we're going to allow you to display our certificate of completion, you better believe you're going to have to apply yourself to earn it!

How can someone verify my training certificate(s)?

Easily! You or anyone can verify the authenticity of your certificate by going to the "Verify Certificate" tool (click here) using the unique code found on your certificate. Your certificates are assigned a unique code to VERIFY it in our Learning Management System (LMS) that way anyone can validate it by entering the custom code displayed to confirm its authenticity.

Remember, that you can always access your issued certificate(s) from your account in our LMS, under the "More" section (click here) in your profile. It is possible that you may complete several trainings - each with their OWN certificate - it would be time-consuming to visit every course to download all your certificate of completions that have been issued.

To avoid this, on your profile, you can view all the certificates that have been issued to you. Go to your profile page under "Miscellaneous" and click on "My Certificates" which will take you to your ISSUED certificates and you can simply download them all at one (1) time.

How often do you publish new training?

Monthly! But don’t feel like you have to consume everything the moment it’s released... everything NEW that we create is published from the "Platform Roadmap" (click here) into our solutions, so there’s no rush or pressure to access it in "real-time." Think of us as your always-available, training library... there's a reason why we're called "Netflix for Cannabis"...

Will you help me find a job after my training?

Of course! We provide access to resume writing services so you can be ready to apply for posted job openings when you are browsing through available positions in the cannabis industry. The industry is currently BOOMING around the world and now is the time to get involved in the fastest growing industry that is happening on planet earth right now.

There are numerous career opportunities opening on job boards or career websites every day. We always recommend checking locally too since the industry is RAPIDLY growing, you will never know what cannabis industry opportunities that will be in your own backyard.

Are scholarships or financial aid available?

Kind of... at this time, no scholarships or financial aid are available, but we do provide scholarships through our "Industry Impact Program" (click here) to make an IMPACT for anyone who has a disability or military service. We are all about empowering people to get involved in a way that truly inspires and makes them excited to get out of bed in the morning!

But we have priced our training so that they are affordable to everyone interested in the cannabis industry, especially compared to similar education that is available. We believe that cannabis can be about much MORE than just earning profits - it can also be the ultimate lever for making a difference in the world's most exciting industry that is happening right now.

Our Mission

We're Green CulturED and we're on a mission. It's a simple, but a very powerful mission: We will train 1,000,000+ individuals over the next five (5) years everything there's to know about cannabis and HELP ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, and increase profitability.

If we achieve this mission, we will create 100's of 1,000's of opportunities for individuals that will add BILLIONS into the global economy. That's a big deal! It's an important mission and we're "radically committed" since we believe it will change the world, yet we need your help.

Why? We do this because we believe this industry is the most challenging, interesting and rewarding field there is. And finally, we do it for YOU. In the end, it's our community who matters. We learn from you. We're thankful for you... if you share our vision, let's get started!

Evan Erickson

Evan Erickson

Chief Training Officer

Green CulturED

Chief Training Officer & Founder Message

How would you describe your cannabis training? Underwhelming? Non-existent? If you said anything other than a "well-oiled machine," then you’re at the RIGHT place if you want to transform ordinary training into a well-developed solution.

Is your training actually making a MEASUREABLE difference to you? I asked this question about my "learning experiences" when I got started in cannabis, I didn't like the answer. That's why we're here, so you'll always be a cannabis expert.

In the spirit of "open-sourcing" our eLearning solutions you’ll find our ground-breaking training, industry strategies, and Ed-Tech to learn everything you need (or actually GROW your business) and much more... without all of the headaches.