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Cannabis Cultivation Operation Fire Hazards

Chemical Cannabis Industry Hazards

Eliminate Cannabis Cultivation Fire Hazards Fires and explosions have occurred in cannabis grow houses and processing operations for DECADES. Most of these facilities were operating illegally, and they weren’t built or maintained to common electrical and fire safety. Unfortunately, the lessons learned from these investigations were not well-publicized, and potential solutions were not broadly adopted. Given

Cannabis Delivery & Transportation Best Practices

Automobile Best Practices, Claims Processes, and More If your company has an “auto exposure” such as delivery, distribution, or employees simply running company errands, your company needs a robust risk management program. Managing a fleet is essential to ensure drivers are given the necessary tools to be safe and responsible while on the open road.

Solving Those Cannabis Pains (Compliance)

Solving Cannabis Compliance Issues While dramatic increases in product demand may seem like a cannabis business owner’s dream, maintaining compliance with unstable and unstandardized cannabis regulations can bring on more than a few nightmares. Every legal jurisdiction seems to have different guidelines, requirements, and procedures than the next, with some in-jurisdiction laws differing even between

Cannabis Retail Job Descriptions Template

Cannabis Dispensary Job Description Templates In most respects, running a cannabis dispensary is just like running any other retail operation. You have customers coming to your store to purchase products, and you have employees to help inform your shoppers, provide them with great customer service, and ultimately facilitate sales. Just like in a traditional retail

Cannabis Dispensary Merchandising Tips

5 Visual Cannabis Merchandising Tips Retailers from all walks of life are trying to figure out how to merchandise products that, pre-pandemic, would be offered using “try before you buy” tactics to entice people to make a purchase. Clothing stores had dressing rooms. Makeup stores had countertop sampling displays. Food purveyors offered edibles from self-service

[NEW] Neurodegenerative Diseases Training “Freshly Released”

Keep Your Cannabis Skills On The Bleeding-Edge The new Neurodegenerative Diseases Training is finally here, and the big day has finally come! We just finished releasing our latest and greatest training called Neurodegenerative Diseases Training (check it out) 🥳. Our new mastery training will not only share our PROVEN strategies but also give step-by-step details

6 Tips To Avoid Dispensary Fines

6 Cannabis Dispensary Compliance Tips Cannabis compliance is one of the things to which every cannabis dispensary must pay attention. Not only does compliance ensure that you have the legal right to carry out your cannabis-related operations, but it also helps keep your business from unnecessary fines and sanctions. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Cannabis Delivery & Online Ordering

The Future of Cannabis Delivery You may soon be able to order cannabis the same way you order restaurant takeout. In April, Uber Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi made headlines when she said the company would look into cannabis delivery if weed becomes federally legal. The move isn’t shocking from the delivery app given its

Navigating METRC “Seed-to-Sale” System

METRC “Seed-to-Sale” Tracking System Cannabis dispensary owners must bear in mind that this industry operates under STRICT laws and regulations that set their business apart from conventional operations (see our FREE METRC “Seed-to-Sale” Tracking training). Government regulators must balance public health and safety with the business needs of the regulated community, and that requires complete

[NEW] Cannabis Safety and Health Concerns Training Released

Keep Your Cannabis Skills On The Bleeding-Edge A new cannabis industry compliance training is finally here, and the big day has finally come to release this new stuff! We just finished releasing our latest and greatest training called “Cannabis Safety and Health Concerns” training this is included in our PENDING “MED Responsible Vendor” training application