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Illinois Responsible Vendor Training Partnership

Providing Comprehensive IL Training Requirements Green CulturED’s total eLearning solutions provide a dynamic and customizable platform that is tailored to meet specific educational and business goals for all types and sizes of organizations and institutions. We take a comprehensive approach to eLearning management by offering unlimited Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud hosting, implementation, integration, customization,

Combat Cannabis Industry Turnover Rate

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How To Stop Industry High-Turnover Rate Why do employees leave their job? It’s a question that plagues businesses both within the cannabis industry and across the greater workforce. They report frustration with compensation, feeling undervalued, and a LACK of opportunity for advancement as top reasons for leaving. Losing people is never easy, but it’s even

Illinois Responsible Vendor Training

Illinois State Cannabis Certification Course As of January 1, 2020, both medical and recreational marijuana is legal in the state of Illinois. Illinois has taken quick and effective steps to implement a required “Responsible Vendor” compliance training to ensure you are meeting the required regulations when selling and handling cannabis in the state’s industry. (RELATED:

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Finally, Get Clear On WHO Is Training! It’s a huge mistake. And yet, I see it happen all the time. A cannabis industry professional or business owner gets so focused on WHAT they’re training on that they forget to think about WHO they’re teaching it to. This is the kiss of death for any training

Ancillary Cannabis Industry Markets

Don’t Touch The Plant: Ancillary Cannabis Businesses When thinking about the cannabis industry, it can be easy to only consider the producers and cultivators of the plant, how many tons they can produce and the quality of the product, as well as the dispensaries where cannabis is sold. It can be even more enticing to

Colorado Responsible Vendor Compliance Training

MED Responsible Marijuana Vendor Training Colorado was one of the first states to legalize the medical use of marijuana and the very first state to allow recreational use in the United States. The state’s legal framework used to regulate and develop a strong cannabis economy has been replicated across the United States to establish similarly

Massachusetts Responsible Vendor Training

MA’s Cannabis Industry Compliance Training As a state with both legal medical and recreational marijuana, Massachusetts is leading the way with new compliance practices. On July 17, 2019 (and effective that day), the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission announced it would require all professionals in roles that directly handle or sell marijuana to complete the “Responsible

Which Is Better: Smoking Or Vaping?

Crazed Marijuana Vaping (e-Cigarette) Trend The vaping craze took the world by storm and caused a lot of fuss! It is one of the hippest trends and many people have started to use e-cigarettes instead of the traditional tobacco ones. The same thing goes with cannabis usage, as many users have walked away from traditionally

10 Things About Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis Seeds

Interesting Stuff About Marijuana Seeds It is where it all begins, it is where the journey starts! From seed to harvest, as they say: “The Humble Little Cannabis Seed“. In order to reproduce, the flower of a female plant must be pollinated by a male plant after which the female flower produces seeds. Once the seeds