You Can? Foliage Feeding For Cannabis

Learn About Foliage Feeding w/ Cannabis

Foliage Feeding CannabisFoliage feeding means to spray the nutrients or bio-stimulants onto the foliage to either augment available nutrients, vitamins, hormones, etc. within your plant(s). Timing when foliar feeding is the key to achieving the best coverage and absorption for foliar feeding.

The waxy (cuticle) surface coating (cystolith hairs and resin) on cannabis foliage slows penetration of sprays. This barrier to cannabis foliage prevents pests and disease attacks.

Leaves that are younger are more permeable than older leaves and are more easily damaged. Foliar feeding of cannabis plants is best when applied only when specific deficiencies manifest in your plants.

Cannabis Hairs

Foliar feeding is best for a quick fix of deficiency issues with your plants. If you apply foliar feeding too much, your plants will slow down or stop taking in nutrients through their roots and confuses the plant.

By applying too much foliar feeding it can build up in the foliage and cause issues if there is too much concentration or applied too often.

To stay on the safe side of foliar feeding, do not foliar feed more than once every ten days and keep the concentration of the fertilizers less than 500 part-per-million (PPM) or an Electrical Conductivity (EC) of less than one (1).

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