Gamify Cannabis Industry Training

Gamification Solutions for Cannabis Training

Gamification is an approach where elements and principles of gaming are used to create a more effective and engaging learning experience for the cannabis industry. Gamification can be effectively used to help the learners apply their learning on-the-job through real-life situations in a controlled environment.

Gamification-based learning courses will typically contain components like a storyline, challenges, rewards, and analytics as shown here. Using Gamification as a strategy for varied cannabis industry training needs has been on an upswing over the years, and for good reasons:

  • Learners love the concept of fun with serious learning.
  • Learning and Design teams see its ability to engage and motivate learners. Additionally, they see value in its ability to offer a sticky learning experience and trigger behavioral change.

As the development costs and lead time to develop Gamification-based cannabis training reduce, there will be a wider adoption. This year also sees the beginning of the new face of Gamification strategies. Going beyond the classic approaches adopted in Gamification for cannabis industry training so far that builds up and combines several successful techniques.

Gamification strategies feature some of the following approaches:

  • From simple points or badges and leaderboards, you have more complex narratives that engage and challenge the learners.
  • Gamification solutions also leverage on existing approaches like Apps for learning or
  • Microlearning to offer personalized and more relevant learning experiences.
  • Similarly, several immersive strategies like Virtual Reality (or VR) with the integration of Gamification concepts can be used to multiply the impact.

If you were to ask an employee the top two things that motivate them, you are likely to hear recognition and rewards. It comes as no surprise that what motivates cannabis industry employees needs to be part of the learning strategies so that we have an engaged and motivated audience for the training.

This is where Gamification for eLearning in the cannabis industry fits in.


7 Benefits for Cannabis Industry Training

1. Better Learning Experience

When cannabis industry training engagement is high, there is greater recall and retention. With Gamification, learners show high levels of engagement as they learn and have fun at the same time.

2. Better Learning Environment

The learning environment that Gamification in eLearning provides is not just informal and effective, but also safe and apt to reinforce learning. Learners get to place themselves in circumstances similar to real-life situations, and the decisions they make here go a long way in helping them retain knowledge.

3. Instant Feedback

The learning reinforcement is immediate, as learners get instant feedback telling them whether the decisions they make are right or not. This is also a great way to up the learner engagement and retention quotient.

4. Prompting Behavioral Change

Gamification is not just about points, badges, and leaderboards. When used wisely in tandem with scientific principles of repeated retrieval and spaced repetition, Gamification can bring about the desired behavioral change, effectively.

5. Majority Training Needs Applied

Who says Gamification has a limited scope? It finds a fit in learning strategies for most learning needs – induction and onboarding, product sales, customer support, soft skills, awareness creation, compliance, you name it!

6. Multi-Generational Workforce Appeal

Gamification is not for millennial workforce alone, well designed Gamification will resonate across various learner profiles.

7. Impact Bottom Line

With all these benefits and factors contributing to a better learner experience, Gamification helps rake in a significant gain for the cannabis industry and their businesses.


Cannabis Training Impact

The goals of Gamification are to achieve higher levels of engagement, change behaviors, and stimulate collaboration and innovation for the cannabis industry.

The opportunities for cannabis businesses are great – from having more engaged customers to collaborative platforms to enable innovation or improve employee performance.

If you are already using Gamification for learning, it will provide ideas on how you can step up your Gamification practice through a variety of solutions for cannabis industry training.

Let us know what you think.