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What's New

Our Goal is to Produce the Best Cannabis Industry Content in the Known Universe & This is One the Best Avenues for Us to Share Strategies That Are WORKING Right Now From Experts All Over the World.

Purpose Driven

We're Helping the Industry By Aligning the "True Soul" of Our Organization so We Can Have a Greater IMPACT That Has More Meaning & Give You a Reason That'll Make Life Exciting to Get Up Each Morning.

Industry Impact Program

We do our very best to give back by serving military service members and individuals with disabilities the training, resources, and assistance they need to become an expert. This is to help our community create a significant impact and meaning in ALL their lives.

There’s a transformative shift happening right NOW in our industry, and what worked before is no longer an option. In this "global shift" entire populations are re-thinking old beliefs about cannabis so it’s time to re-write rules for all of our future generations.

Our purpose is to give the cannabis industry the training, resources and assistance they need to transform themselves into a force for good in the cannabis industry so we do 100% believe that knowledge can be the ultimate LEVER for making a huge difference.

Our Mission

We're Green CulturED and we're on a mission. It's a simple, but a very powerful mission: We will train 1,000,000+ individuals over the next five (5) years everything there's to know about cannabis and HELP ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, and increase profitability.

If we achieve this mission, we will create 100's of 1,000's of opportunities for individuals that will add BILLIONS into the global economy. That's a big deal! It's an important mission and we're "radically committed" since we believe it will change the world, yet we need your help.

Why? We do this because we believe this industry is the most challenging, interesting and rewarding field there is. And finally, we do it for YOU. In the end, it's our community who matters. We learn from you. We're thankful for you... if you share our vision, let's get started!

Industry Accreditation

Being the "Most Accredited (or Authorized) Training Provider" in the Cannabis Industry is Our "Claim-to-Fame" to ENSURE What We're Doing Actually Meets All Those Different Regulator Requirements.


We're authorized by Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) to deliver our entire Responsible Vendor, Cannabis Delivery, Hospitality & Social Consumption required training.

Responsible Vendor


We have been authorized by the Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) in Massachusetts state to provide Basic & Advanced Core Responsible Vendor Curriculum that's required for compliance.

Responsible Vendor


We're authorized by the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to provide their state-required Responsible Vendor compliance training for handling cannabis.

Responsible Vendor


West Virginia's Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Public Health, Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC) has authorized our state-required industry education certification.

Industry Certification


Authorized by Alaska's Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office (AMCO) to deliver our entire Marijuana Handler Permit training that is required for all licensed establishments' agents.

Handler Permit
Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Authorized Outreach Trainers for the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) to provide Department of Labor (DOL) 10/30-Hour Card via our Authorized OSHA Trainers.



We're a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) who's a top-notch non-profit that's advancing interests of our industry & how they're supporting our new economy.


As a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) which is a professional membership association that promotes the role of Human Resources (HR) via education.