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We transform ordinary teams into ROCKSTARS in the cannabis industry, REVENUE-generating professional teams… in about 90 days (60 if you hurry!) so when you join HQ, you’re done.

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Here’s what you’ll get and more…

  • Access to our 7 core cannabis industry certifications and all future updates
  • Access to 3 elective certification PLUS all future electives (new ones are currently being developed)
  • Request new course topics our Training Roadmap and vote on what ones we will publish next
  • Certificates and/or Badges for all completed training
  • Train anytime, anywhere via our Mobile App 🙂
  • Manager Portal access to our Learning Management System to track your team’s progress
  • Special “GC Deals” on our favorite new training and strategic partnerships we have in the industry
  • 50+ industry “trainings on steroids” (aka “Cannabis Blueprints”) for retail dispensary and cultivation
  • Establish a safe and compliant workplace with 20+ occupational safety and health trainings
  • PLUS receive access to ALL future courses that we publish monthly from our Training Roadmap
  • Direct support from our Subject Matter Experts
  • Mastermind with fellow members and the GC team via the private, Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Weekly “What’s Working Now” industry updates
  • The latest tips and tricks, along with the advice and feedback to know you’re executing the right way

Automate the Training Process

Leverage our comprehensive digital marketing training library to build a rockstar marketing team that gets results

Uplevel Your Existing Team

Stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and changes thanks to real-time course updates and notifications

Document Your Processes

Checklist-style “Playbooks” make process documentation easy, so learnings STICK and ideas get IMPLEMENTED

Customized Cannabis Industry Training For Your Entire Team

1. Premium Training (Content)

Interactive, virtual workshops and on-demand trainings bring you the latest, most up-to-date information.

2. Private Access (Community)

Ask our Subject Matter Experts and your fellow HQ Members anything via the private, members-only Facebook Group.

3. Continuous Improvement (Roadmap)

New and fun trainings released monthly along with training tips keep you focused and motivated to achieve your business goals.

Let’s Get You A Well-Oiled Cannabis Industry Training Machine!

(Here’s What Makes Green CulturED HQ Different Better)


Train In All 9 CRITICAL Core Disciplines Of The Industry

As a member of Green CulturED HQ, your team will be trained and certified in the following disciplines…


We actually do this stuff!

Our certifications and training are unique because they’re taught by real operators in the cannabis industry. We aren’t journalists or “researchers”. We’re in-the-trenches doers who despise untested theory and believe that the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty.

Here are just some of the portfolio companies that we work everyday:


Green CulturED HQ’s training center is 100% online! Forget air fare, conference fees, hotel bills and time away from work… Green CulturED HQ trains your team right where they’re at.

But don’t worry, our comprehensive video lessons, downloadable eBooks, assessments and quizzes make sure they not only consume the trainings but that they learn the material and can execute it in your cannabis business.


Track Your Team’s Progress

Thanks to our proprietary Manager’s Portal, you’ll get to decide the exact training each member of your team will take, and you can monitor each time a team-member passes an assessment, and completes a certification. But that’s not all, this Manager Portal allows you to:

  • Manager Portal links to any employee they are responsible for
  • Click on a name and will be taken to employees’ profile page
  • View completion of custom Learning Plans assigned to employees
  • Select “Course Profiles” – name of a course they are enrolled in
  • Track their progress, grades may be viewed in the reports section
  • Forum posts or similar may also be viewed from their profiles
  • and so much more!

Customize Your Team’s Training

You’re the boss. You get to choose who takes which training and in what order… but you don’t have to do it alone.

For larger organizations looking for a more personalized training experienced, our manager concierge can work with you to build a custom training program AND schedule for you team. And whether you choose to have each member of your team specialize in just one of our certifications, or if you’d rather have your entire team cross-trained on some or even ALL certifications…

…thanks to our simple, flat-rate pricing, you won’t blow your training budget.

What Our Members Are Saying


Your New Training Platform

1. Take Online Training

Choose from any one of our certifications or "Cannabis Blueprints" to begin your training. If you’re not sure which course to start with, we recommend the Dispensary Technician Certification and Master Grower Certification, as it provides a solid foundation to build upon.

Our training video content varies in length depending on the topic, and they come with all relevant downloadable handouts, as well as module-specific quizzes and certificates of completion.

The training levels are intermediate/advanced, and are the exact same courses that new employees at Green CulturED are required to complete prior to obtaining a position in any position within our business.

2. Pass The Assessment

For each cannabis industry training, at the end of each core module, you will take a brief quiz to ensure that you understand the basic concepts covered in that module. Once you have completed each quiz for each module, you will then be able to save, print or download your certificate of completion (which is online) for that discipline.

Our quizzes aren’t tricky, but they do require that you know the information if you want to pass. A passing grade is 80% for most of our training, and you can retake the assessment as many times you need to to receive a passing grade (it also includes immediate feedback so you know why the answer was correct or wrong).

The quizzes are untimed, and consist of multiple-choice and true/false questions. Allow 45 to 60 minutes to complete each training. Ideally each quiz should be taken in one sitting. However, your answers are saved if you need to come back and finish at a later time.

3. Share Your Achievement

Once you’ve passed each certification or mastery training and have been certified in a new skill, it’s time to tell the world (especially potential clients or employers) that you know your stuff and you can prove it.

You are issued certificates for all our training and badges for certifications, we leverage the Open Badge Project so your accomplishments can be displayed in all the places that matter, including: your website, email signature, job placement sites, community portals, Twitter status updates and your LinkedIn profile.

Best of all, when a potential client or employer (or existing client or employer) clicks on your badges, they’ll be taken to the Green CulturED site to verify that you are actually certified.

Resources & Strategies To Strengthen Your Knowledge

Have A Better Cannabis Business With HQ

Who Should Join Green CulturED?

Bonus #1

(HQ Members Only)

Let’s Build A Team Of Predictable “Rock Stars”

STEP 1: We’re not only going to train your team on cannabis-topics, but also occupational safety and health, Standard Operating Procedures (aka SOP’s), government compliance, and many other training topics and tell them exactly what to do in your business, for customers, and even how to evaluate workplace hazards in the cannabis industry so customers start asking YOU to take their money.

Step 2: We’re going to automate and perpetuate your training process and transform your staff into a “machine” that cranks out new customers and revenue predictably and automatically.

Step 3: We’re going to test your cannabis industry staff, “install” industry knowledge and compliance into your organization, then fuel your cannabis business to become a sales machine.

Access To Our Training Roadmap

With our all of our training topics, you’re getting that latest education that is needed in the industry. These are the specialize trainings we use at Green CulturED to educate and empower even OUR brand new staff so they the understand what it takes to operate in the cannabis industry.

You’re getting access to our current training and NEW ones released monthly by our Instructional Design team, so submit ideas on our Training Roadmap and our Subject Matter Experts (aka SME’s) will do the work and build your requested course so you have a predictable employee training system.

A $10K Value Per Training

Your FREE Benefit When You Join HQ

(Instructional Design Is Very Costly – Google It!)

Bonus #2

(HQ Members Only)

Let’s Create A Profitable Cannabis Team

STEP 1: Establish a “base-line” level of knowledge to ensure staff is trained on soft-skills such as professional selling to increase sales, or targeting new training requirements through custom built Learning Plans for your team so you can create an effective team that actually makes you money.

STEP 2: We’re going to completely build your 100% custom Learning Plans to launch your staff training. Using our entire Course Catalog you choose which trainings you want for your staff, and we’ll pick the best topics to deploy for immediate business growth.

STEP 3: We’re going to optimize and scale your cannabis industry “Rock-Stars”. With our Manager Portal, you’ll know exactly which employees are preforming (so you can scale them) and which ones need a little love (so we can fix them… TOGETHER).

Done-For-You Training Roadmap

We call them “Industry Plays” because they’re pulled straight out of our playbook at Green CulturED.

These “Industry Plays” make deploying a profitable traffic campaign in your business super simple. Just pick from the list “plays” that best fit the current NEEDS for your business.

                   A $ 2,950value

                      Yours FREE When You Join ELITE

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Includes :

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  • Access to our private, member-only community
  • Weekly office hour sessions
  • Add any text here…
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Membership FAQ's

What’s the difference between Lab, Lab+, and HQ?

Lab is perfect for individuals who want community, and “just the facts” via the step-by-step, “training on steroids” we lovingly call "Cannabis Blueprints". For individuals who want to become professionals in the cannabis industry and needs more in-depth training, Lab+ is the perfect option, because it’s everything in Lab PLUS (hence the name) all our certifications and new master courses that are released monthly from our Training Roadmap... you get the idea.

And then there’s Green CulturED Headquarters (HQ). HQ is the highest level of membership we offer at Green CulturED, and it’s for professionals or business owners who truly want it all! First, HQ members get access to a smaller, "community within the community" where members of the GC Team and Subject Matter Experts hang out every day. HQ members also get to participate in new, exclusive training and certifications that are created by our Subject Matter Experts. It’s also for cannabis industry teams, since with HQ you can add team members as opposed to the single user access that comes with the lower levels.

Do you offer a trial?

GC Lab and Lab+ both have a 3-day trial for $1. HQ is available for cannabis businesses by application only and does not include a trial.

Once I become a member, where should I start?

Before you do anything else, you need to join the community, and ask at least one burning question. (Don’t have a question? Don’t worry... we’ll give you a few ideas.) Then, dive into our library of "Cannabis Blueprints" and pick an training that will help you reach your growth goals. Don't see a training topic you want? Then add topics and vote on our Training Roadmap.

How often do you publish industry updates?

Weekly! But don’t feel like you have to consume everything the moment it’s released. Everything we create is archived in the members area, so there’s no rush or pressure to access it in "real time." Think of GC Lab as your always-available, cannabis industry library. There’s a reason it’s been called, "Netflix for Cannabis." 🙂

What if I want to cancel? Am I locked into a contract?

As a GC member, you can cancel at any time. While we hope you stay forever, we despise contracts and would never impose them on our members.

What skills do I need to have to get the most out of Lab?

The only skill you need is a willingness to learn. The GC Lab content and community has resources and advice for beginner as well as advanced professionals, alike, and we firmly believe there are no stupid questions. Heck, even the GC team learns a ton when our newest members ask supposedly "stupid questions" that remind us of things we should be doing, but aren’t for whatever reason.

How long does it take to complete a "Cannabis Blueprint" training?

Our "Cannabis Blueprints" training is designed in a "micro-learning" format to be completed over a 1-hour period typically, but you will find some longer ones too. "Micro-learning" is a holistic approach for skill-based learning and education which deals with relatively small learning units. It involves short-term-focused strategies especially designed for skill-based training.