Grow Marijuana in Greenhouses and Outdoor Frames

Greenhouses and Outdoor Frames to Grow Marijuana

Greenhouses, cold frames, and hot frames are useful in extending the growing season and/or protecting new plants and seedlings from environmental conditions.

When you are deciding on which type of growing structure you will be utilizing, do some research into the various types of greenhouses and cold frames that are available since you will want the best choice that is suited for your needs.

By drawing your ideas of your project out on paper, you will be able to see the number of square feet that you will need for the floor and the height of the ceiling to fit what you want into it. It is always good to have a little extra space.

Other considerations to think about when you grow marijuana looking at greenhouses is what will best suit your area, security issues, money, and the amount of time and space you will be working in the greenhouse.

Cold frames and hot frames can be assembled from old wood-framed windows and wood framing or hay bales or even a panel of glass and a hole in the ground.

Cold frames are usually small and set on the ground, using a non-artificial heat source, the sun when you grow marijuana.
Hot frames are like cold frames, but provide a heat source to warm the structure. Many times, growers use heat that is provided by manure, electricity, gas, steam, or hot-water pipe (radiant heating) to keep them warm.

Both hot and cold frames are cost-effective, simple to use, small and portable. Hot and cold frames have the benefits of extending the growing season and protecting plants from the elements and pests when you grow marijuana.

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