How To Make Ha$h

*Cool* Ways How To Make Hash

hashisAfter resin powder is collected from the sieves and dried, it is often pressed to simplify storage and handling. Resin powder is bulky and most awkward to handle, and in most cases easy to spill, be contaminated by dust and other debris and often blown away.

That is why most growers will press their hash, as it is easier to handle, store, transport, consume, etc., while also slowing down any decomposition of the hash. By pressing hash, it ruptures resin glands and warms the resin that makes it all stick together; it will also make the hash turn dark in color, if you want it to stick better together, you can add a drop or two of water or alcohol.

You can either press hash by hand or with a device. Mechanical presses must be precise and aligned well to adequately press hash. Many times, growers will pre-press water-extracted hash in cellophane to contain it and remove water; this will also give hash a shiny-looking exterior.


Pressing Small Amounts of Hash

If you want to hand press your hash, collect about one to four grams of resin powder in the palm of your hand, then push your thumb into your palm full of resin to work into a piece of hash, and continue doing this for 10–30 minutes, until it is all sticking together.

The most potent resin powder is a creamy white to gold in color, and by pressing it together it will rupture the resin glands and cause it to turn dark in color.


How To Make Hash via Bottle Pressing

hashBottle pressing is another way to press hash. It is done by placing small amounts of resin between two pieces of cellophane, or one folded over.

Then a bottle is rolled over the cellophane on a flat surface to form a pancake. Once you have it pressed out, you can add more, or make more small hash pressings.


How To Make Hash via Shoe Hash

Shoe hash is another way to press the hash, you do this by putting resin in cellophane and put it under your heel inside your shoe when walking around with it under your heel to press it. You can also use a laminator (the same that laminate photos and papers) instead of cellophane to press hash as well.


How To Make Hash via Mechanical Pressing

hashMechanical pressing is probably the most popular of pressing methods. In mechanical pressing, you place resin in a plastic bag to contain while pressing with hydraulic jacks or vises then tightened and pressed, with these the bag is placed into steel a mold, and pressure is applied with a hydraulic jack.

The capacities are normally from 10 – 20 tons and normally create a 100-gram bar of hash. The more common method of how to make hash with mechanical pressing is store-bought pressing devices made specifically for pressing your cannabis resin.

In these, you place the hash into one side of the press and then place the cap on it, then a twist-able piston presses the hash. With these, the hash produced is cylindrical in shape and by using this method how to make hash then it is pure, which it will press and stay stuck together.


How To Make Hash via Hammering

Hammering is popular in Morocco and other areas where people do not have devices to press hash. It blends resin glands together into a cohesive mass. 

Resin powder is placed into a heavy-duty plastic bag on a hard surface, then plywood is placed over a bag, and hammering begins. The hammering is repeated in the process until resin glands transform into sticky hash.


Storing Hash

hash hashWhen pressing, make sure the hash is totally dry of water before storing, as moist hash contracts fungus very easily and molds quickly.

Hash is easiest to dry is when it is pressed into small round discs or pancake forms, giving it plenty of surface area to dry out.

Be sure to keep hash in an airtight container. The container should then be stored in a cool, dark, dry place and many people will put hash in the freezer for long-term storage.

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