Duration: 30 Minutes

Enrollment: Forever

Format: 100% Online

Audience: General Industry

Price $ 7.00
Use Text, Voice, and Video for Communication


Skype is a communications tool that can take your business to the next level. Our Skype training takes you through all the useful features of Skype for Business so you are prepared to use it effectively. With our Skype training, you will explore the best practices for Skype for Business and you will get insights into how to use it for your business and to support your internal stakeholders.

Skype is connecting the world, allowing anyone with an Internet connection to call, chat, and collaborate. We will delve into how Microsoft employed to design, develop, deploy, and operate Skype for Business. In our Skype training, you will examine past, current, and future Instant Messaging (or IM), voice, phone, social networking, and audio/video conferencing capabilities.

With its low-cost calling plans and artificial intelligence features like automatic translation, Skype opens up communication across the globe. You will learn to utilize presentations, discussions, and demonstrations on-demand as well as you will discover the architecture, planning, operations, maintenance, and support for Skype.

Learning Objectives

  • You will explore Skype etiquette
  • You will discover how to get Skype for Business
  • You will learn how to activate Skype Business
  • You will master how to communicate with Skype

Micro-Learning Format

  • Video: Interactive Training
  • Resource: eBook Guide
  • Assessment: Quiz Activity
  • Display: Digital Certificate