LADIES – Pre-Flowering Female Marijuana

Marijuana Female Pre-Flowering

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Growing female marijuana plants begin to develop their pre-flowers near the end of their vegetative growth, which around the fourth (4th) week. Female plants that have been grown in an 18/6 day/night photoperiod will show pre-flowers before plants that are grown under a 24/0 day/night photoperiod.

The pre-flower is known as the female calyx. The female pre-flower will look like a fuzzy female flower, but with only two white or pink fuzzy pistils growing from the node of the plant.

It is best to wait to induce flowering to your plants before the pre-flowers appear and this will help eliminate the male plants from your crop before flowering.


Female Flowering

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When growing marijuana flower is loved and valued for its heavy, potent THC resin production. Female flowers initially appear near the top of the plant, similar to male plants and gradually develop on the branch tips then down and through the rest of the plant.

The top clusters of flowering buds of the female plant are known as the bud tops or the cola. Throughout the female’s flowering stage of life, she produces more and more THC resin so it will put on the majority of her weight during the last two to three weeks of flowering.

When the female ovule is developed and fertilized by male pollen, the female flower will go through a shift in its chemistry and growth. Once pollinated the female flower slows down the production of THC and hormones begin to shift to begin to create seeds.

Female flowers that have NOT been fertilized by male pollen are known as Sinsemilla. Sinsemilla female buds are much more potent than female flowers that have been seeded.

This is because these female flowers were allowed to continue growing and THC production was not inhibited by being pollinated. You are capable of making any female flower sinsemilla by simply removing all male plants before that have the ability to pollinate the female.

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