Cannabis Training Optimization Strategy…

Download this proven strategy to determine who your ideal "Worker Avatar" is, how they will make an impact and what they will need to know.

What You’ll Learn:

How it pays to get crystal clear on the characteristics of "Worker Avatars," so you can find and present them with training that makes an IMPACT and moves them to action...

Bring your ideal “Worker Avatar” to life so you can tailor your professional development to address their goals, challenges and objections to the position they are seeking in the cannabis industry. 


Evan Erickson – Chief Training Officer, GreenCulturED

“Whether we’re rolling out a new brand, compliance course, training or eLearning solution, the first step is the creation of a training optimization strategy to make a massive impact in our amazing industry.

Download this strategy and get clear on WHO you are training. It just flat out works to develop the best talent needed in the cannabis industry.”

Get the worksheet that will tell you
EXACTLY who your ideal worker who is!

Use your “Worker Avatar” to drive your compliance training, professional development, eLearning that produces the results (the Worker Avatar” is the Swiss Army Knife of cannabis training). 

Employ the But no one else would” hack to determine where your ideal “Worker Avatars” is learning from so you can reach them with your industry training & professional development…


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