Making Hash The Safe Way

Less Dangerous Way To Making Hash

how to make hashHashes, waxes, and concentrates are all the rage lately, and for good reason. These forms of marijuana are much stronger and often times provide patients with fast relief of their ailments.

However, hashes, waxes, and concentrates do have a dark side. Many of these products are made by running highly flammable butane gas through dried marijuana leaf.

Because the resin of the marijuana plant is oil based, and the plant itself is water based, butane helps the two pieces to separate. Because making your own hash is a relatively exciting experiment, tons of people who don’t know what they’re doing are taking a stab at making butane hash oil (also known as BHO).

The only problem is, most of these people don’t know the dangers of working with butane gas. Everything from a spark on the stove to lighting a cigarette could turn your beautiful glass dish of hash into a bomb! But, what if there was a less dangerous way to go about making hash?


We All Seem To Have Forgotten Bubble Hash

The process of making bubble hash requires nothing more a couple 5-gallon buckets, bubble netting, found at your local grow shop, ice, and water. That’s it. None of it is flammable. In fact, none of this process is even remotely dangerous. So, you ready to learn how it’s done?


How To Make Bubble Hash

What You Will Need:

-> 2 5 Gallon Buckets – Your buckets are going to house the entire hash making process. To make sure that there are no contaminants in your hash, make sure that your buckets are completely clean.

-> Bubble Bags – It’s best to buy a set that ranges from 220 microns to 25 microns. Each different layer will produce a different quality hash.

-> 100 Grams Of Sugar Leaf – Truth be told, you can use more or less sugar leaf, that’s completely up to you. However, when making it myself, I’ve found that 100 grams are the perfect amount for me to work with.

-> 2 or 3 Gallons Of Cold Water – This is an ice water extraction after all.

-> A Good Amount Of Ice – You want your water to get very cold. As the water gets colder, the oily resin will be extracted from the leaf and clumped together at the bottom of your bubble bags.


How To Make Bubble Hash

making hashStep #1 – Getting Prepared

Start by putting your 220-micron bag in a 5-gallon bucket. In the other bucket, stack your other bubble bags from the lowest number of microns to highest.

Step #2 – Mix Water, Ice, And Leaf

Start by pouring a gallon to a gallon and a half of water into the bucket with the single 220-micron bag. Now add about half of your leaf and half of your ice and mix well, but keep it gentle, you don’t want to break the trichomes.

Once all leaves have gotten good and wet, pour the rest of the water, leaf, and ice into the bucket and mix well.

Step #3 – More Mixing

You want to lightly mix the marijuana slushy for about 15 minutes. Don’t mix it too heavy though, remember to be gentle.

Step #4 – Strain The Mixture

Simply pull your 220-micron bubble bucket up slowly. As you do, the water will fall through, and the bag will contain the leaf matter and ice. You’ll notice at this point, that the water is no longer clear. It now has a beige, tea color.

how to make bubble hashStep #5 – Working The Gold Out Of The Water

Start by pouring the entire bucket of water into the bucket that you’ve prepared with multiple bubble bags. Now, slowly pull the bubble bags up, one by one. As you do, you’ll notice a small amount of wet hash at the bottom of each.

As you get lower in micron numbers, the water will take longer to drain…don’t worry, it’s supposed to happen. Scrape the wet hash off of the micron bag using a spoon, butter knife, or some other dull metal object. Once you’ve taken the hash off of the bag, put it onto wax paper to dry.

Step #6 – Let The Hash Dry

Now, it’s a waiting game! Simply let the hash dry for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours. Once it’s dry, it will be ready for use.


Final Thoughts On Making Hash

There you have it, bubble hash is easy to make, and uses no flammable materials. However, the effects for users are the same! That being said, leave the butane extractions up to the chemists. For safe hash, follow this recipe, and you’ll be happy every time.

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