Marijuana Electricity Consumption

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Facts About Marijuana Electricity Consumption

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It is not a crime to use marijuana electricity that is being purchased legally. Always purchase legally, as to tap into the grid it can cost you and possibly expose your grow.

When using electricity legally, there is still a problem with bored law enforcement that can interrogate electrical company employees to expose your marijuana electrical uses and use them against you.

To stay under the radar with your marijuana electricity consumption there are several things that you can do. Houses with little to no electrical consumption suspicion will use about one – 1,000 watt light per bedroom so a house that has two bedrooms can use two lights while a five-bedroom house can use up to five lights.

The amount of marijuana electricity consumption and the size of the home are directly proportional. Other ways to decrease electrical consumption include changing out your inefficient incandescent light bulbs with more energy efficient CFL or LED lights.

This will reduce the heat buildup in your house while being able to save about 50% of that energy for use in your garden. A house with 40 – one hundred watt-incandescent bulbs will use 4,000 watts (4 kWh’s) in an hour. Whereas switching over to CFL lights you can save 50% or 2,000 watts (2 kWh’s) in just replacing your house lights.


Re-Routing Marijuana Electricity At Home

cannabis collegeAnother way to increase the marijuana electrical availability and reduce suspicion it to utilize a house that has a hookup for both electricity and gas for the clothes dryer, stove/oven, and a water heater.

If you have a house that has both hookups for electric and gas, by converting the electric to gas you will be able to utilize the marijuana electricity to those circuits while maintaining the same ‘electrical use’. Most electrical dryers and ovens will use 50 amps of electricity to run and dry your clothes and heat up your food.

Utilizing gas appliance instead of electrical appliances will help increase efficiency while being less suspicious of the electric bill. If your water heater is running on gas that too will save you more money while reducing marijuana electrical use suspicion.

One other way to reduce your water heating bill is to turn the water heater temperature down. Many times homeowners leave their water heater running at very high temperatures – 170° F+ (77° C) and can actually run it at 130° F (54°C) with shortened shower times.

One other way to utilize electricity without being suspicious is to have a house that has a hot tub on the back deck. A hot tub pulls 40 – 50 amps for heating and another 15 – 20 amps for pumps and other components.

With just re-routing the marijuana electricity to your garden you have enough for most everything you need. By using this, along with light bulb changes, dryer, water heater and stove changes, etc. you will be able to remain under the radar.

Many times growers will utilize air conditioners to keep their garden cool in the winter and will vent out the heated air into the house to keep the house warm, while not having to run the house heater during cold months.

When it is summer and hot outdoors the air conditioner still runs but is then filtered and pushed outdoors. To keep the garden cool, while using natural ventilation to cool the house and when absolutely needed it is required turn on the house air conditioner to cool things down.

Your electric company might call to ask if you were aware of increased electricity usage, you will simply reply that you are aware of the electricity being used. You could even tell them that you have just installed a second freezer, hot tub, fish tanks, or even a pool or pond with a waterfall.

Though you will want to make it believable and make sure the electric company did not need to be notified about wiring a pool, hot tub or pond with a waterfall.


Know Your Marijuana Electricity Meter Reader

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Growers tend to know exactly when the meter reader is coming around and it is good to keep track. Nowadays, meter readers use high-tech telescopes to read meters and store the readings into an integrated digital entry computer.

Meter readers may think it is strange to see the electric meter spinning like a top during the day when no one is home. To avoid this it is better to have your ‘daylight’ cycle occur during the night.

Doing this will help you in a number of different ways…first, the meter reader will not see your meter spinning like crazy during the day. The second reason is that electrical usage fees are cheaper during ‘non-peak hours’ sometimes costing half as much than compared to daytime ‘peak hours’.

The last benefit of having a night ‘daylight’ cycle is that the nights are often much cooler than the day and your house will not heat up as much as during the daytime. Growers that ‘tap into the grid’ to access marijuana electricity for free are doing it illegally.

Many times they do this to ‘stay under the radar’, though once the energy company realizes that they are missing marijuana electricity they will send people to investigate where it is occurring and who is doing this.

Once they find out, they will notify law enforcement which will then visit you to see what you are doing, serve you with papers, or maybe even jail time. If conspicuous marijuana electricity consumption is a problem, a generator will help if you live in an area you can use it without being obvious.

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