Marijuana Greenhouse & How To Build

Build Your Own (best) Marijuana Greenhouse

To figure out a rough estimate of how many square feet you will need for your marijuana greenhouse, you can calculate the number of mature plants you will have and multiply it by one (1) square yard per mature plant.

Then add this to the amount of area you plan for transplanting, germinating/seedlings, tool storage, nutrient and soil storage, water storage, water heaters, heating (wood stove), walkways, working tables, benches, etc. being sure to also allow about six (6) inches of space around all benches and side walls for air to circulate evenly throughout.

A marijuana greenhouse can be any size, large or small costs to build – more money, time and space to utilize than cold and hot frames. No matter which option you choose to follow, building it yourself will be cheaper and more secure than hiring a contractor to build it.

If you have a building that you can add to, you can build a south-facing lean-to marijuana greenhouse for a lower cost than building a whole greenhouse. Though freestanding greenhouses offer the most flexibility in their size and location, not all buildings have a south-facing wall you can turn into a lean-to greenhouse.

The greenhouse should be located where it gets maximum sunlight and the first choice of location is the south or southeast side of a building or shade trees.

Sunlight all day is best, but morning sunlight on the east side is sufficient for plants. Morning sunlight is most desirable because it allows the plant’s food production process to begin early, thus growth is maximized.

An east side location captures the most November to February sunlight then the next best sites are southwest and west of major structures, where plants receive sunlight later in the day.

North of major structures is the least desirable location and is good only for plants that require little light. Deciduous trees, such as maple and oak, can effectively shade the marijuana greenhouse from the intense late afternoon summer sun; however, they should not shade the greenhouse in the morning.

Deciduous trees also allow maximum exposure to the winter sun because they shed their leaves in the fall.

Evergreen trees that have foliage year-round should not be located where they will shade the marijuana greenhouse because they will block the less intense winter sun.

You should aim to maximize winter sun exposure, particularly if the greenhouse is used all year.Remember that the sun is lower in the southern sky in winter causing long shadows to be cast by buildings and evergreen trees.

Good drainage is another requirement for the site and, when necessary, build the greenhouse above the surrounding ground so rainwater and irrigation water will drain away.

Other site considerations include:

  • Light requirements of the plants to be grown
  • Locations of sources of heat
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Shelter from winter wind

Access to the greenhouse should be convenient for both people and utilities so it is a workplace for potting plants and a storage area for supplies should be nearby using a marijuana greenhouse.

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