Marijuana Grow Lights w/ Conversion Bulbs

Using Conversion Bulbs For Marijuana Grow Lights

marijuana grow lights

Conversion or retrofit bulbs are a type of bulb for marijuana grow lights that allows you to utilize a Metal Halide (MH) system with a bulb that emits similar lighting as a High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulb would have.

These bulbs work well for marijuana grow lights if you do not have enough money to purchase another system and save money since these bulbs do not need an adapter or additional equipment. These bulbs look like a Metal Halide that is crossed with a High-Pressure Sodium bulb.

The problem with these bulbs is that they operate at a lower wattage and are not nearly as bright as traditional HPS bulbs. Although conversion bulbs produce less blue spectrum than a Metal Halide, they are about twenty-five percent (25%) brighter than metal halides, while also having a better lumens-per-watt than halides.

Conversion bulbs have a life expectancy of about 24,000 hours but will vary brand-to-brand. Conversion bulbs are an inexpensive alternative deliver the required lighting for your marijuana grow lights that you need without purchasing another lighting system.

These bulbs tend to be less expensive than HPS systems and very work well.

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