Maximize Cannabis Training & Minimize Work Downtime

2 Ways To Use Downtime By Maximizing Cannabis Training

What would you do if you purchased something and it didn’t work? Chances are you’d return it for a full refund. This is how the cannabis industry feels when they pay for a training solution and it falls short of their expectations…they expect it to work; if it didn’t, they should ask for compensation.

You may regularly send your dispensary staff to train and they’d return to work, but you never really noticed an improvement in their performance. Unfortunately, this may be a regular occurrence each time they returned from their cannabis industry training. And it can exceptionally frustrating and infuriating, especially when it is your hope was to have them return better than when they left.

The only thing that may change in your team is lost productivity time due to their being away and subsequently a significant reduction in your budget since you were the one paying for it. Today, training in the cannabis industry there are many available tools and technologies to ensure training efforts are easily accessible to employees and minimize any type of workflow interruption.

These training resources are meant to help you to do just that. In the current cannabis industry, training must become an integrated and seamless component contributing to operational objectives. Yes, that sounds like a mouthful, but here are 2 things you can do:


1. Identify Employee Work Need

Those who actually do a front-line and operational job want to do their work better, faster, and simpler. They don’t need to train about every aspect of their job, work, or even possibly all the steps in their work…they just need to improve one or possibly a handful of skills.

The result can be simple. You can develop brief eLearning modules to improve or refresh your employees’ core knowledge needed to work in your cannabis business.


2. Be Relevant

Employees are also under pressure in order to get their work done and due to tight deadlines. They have little patience for cannabis industry training efforts that take them away from their work for any amount of time. This is why you must avoid causing work downtime and leverage the existing non-operational time as much as possible.

Again, this is where eLearning technologies can help. One thing your training solutions should always strive for is to be brief and on-demand. Design your training solutions to fit the needs of those requiring it. Fit the training into their environment and the way in which they want to use it. Your training solution is not about producing a course.

It’s about being integrative within their work and accessible when they want to use it and in ways that they expect to apply it. Integrate into the workflow and take advantage of existing downtime.

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