Medical Marijuana Grow Rooms

The Secrets Of Indoor Marijuana Grow Rooms

Marijuana grow rooms need to be planned well to make work easier and to make sure you don’t have any costly mistakes and accidents. Legal medical marijuana can be grown anywhere, from a bedroom closet to a customized grow box.

Lately, it seems that everyone wants to know how to grow quality medical marijuana, which requires the highest-quality soil, control of light, heat, humidity, and many more factors in order create the perfect indoors growing conditions.

In a recent Gallup poll, “support for legalizing marijuana has been increasing over the past several years, rising to 50% today – the highest on record. If this current trend on legalizing marijuana continues, pressure may build to bring the nation’s laws into compliance with people’s wishes.”

With legalization being a popular trend and not to mention an increased demand for marijuana, people need to know what the secrets of good marijuana grow rooms are. Professional marijuana grow rooms many times require that you rehab your home from top to bottom – from electrical panels to air circulation to security risks – to ensure your home really is a safe and secure place for your marijuana grow.

Indoor grow room operating costs, growing supplies and equipment, water source, and nutrients are some of the main concerns when designing your grow room. You will learn that there are numerous ways to design your growing space to meet your medical marijuana needs.


Selecting A Good Location

You need to make sure the size of the room chosen can accommodate all the plants you want to grow. According to Wikipedia, “a grow room (or grow room) is a room of any size where plants are grown under controlled conditions. The reasons for utilizing a grow room are countless.”

A good place to set up a grow room is in the basement. It’s naturally insulated by the foundation and soil so temperature management is easier (remember HEAT will be one of your biggest issues).

A two-room setup is ideal for productivity and scalable. The 1st room is for vegetative growth, mother plants, and rooting clones. The 2nd room is the flowering room where the crop is harvested.

With a two-room setup, the vegetative room (the 1st room) should be able 1/4th the size of the flowering room (the 2nd room) and it should be an enclosed room to control the vegetative growing conditions. The floor of your indoor grow room ideally should have a smooth, concrete floor that can be easily cleaned. A floor drain can also be very handy when you have to clean your room after harvest.


Growing Methods And Watering Systems

marijuana grow rooms

There are a variety of ways to grow marijuana indoors from potting soil to hydroponic systems for you to choose from – each has its own advantages and which one you choose is down to your growing environment and personal preference.

Larger marijuana grows rooms have a greater water demand. You will want to make sure you have adequate and convenient access to water to a faucet that you can run hot and cold water from a water hose is ideal.

How much and often you water your plants will depend on the method or system that you are using to grow your marijuana. Most hydroponic shops will offer complete kits with good advice, but do not mention marijuana and only talk about “tomatoes” since they have the same growing necessities as marijuana (and for your safety).


The Best Lighting To Use

The size of your marijuana grow rooms will determine your light setup, take note how many lights and how much electricity will add up to your monthly energy consumption. For the lighting source, HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lamps are the best choice for most indoor gardeners.

The size and number of HID lamps to be installed is based on the area of the marijuana grow rooms set up. In using HID lamps for a grow room setup, heat will become one of your BIGGEST problems. Small growers can use portable lights and adjust as needed. If your operation is larger in scale you can hang grow lights from the ceiling joists.


Air Temperature, Humidity, and Ventilation

Constant air circulation, maintaining humidity levels and fresh air is necessary. Have at least one fresh air vent in the grow room and an oscillating fan is good for circulating air in marijuana grow rooms.

Plants will germinate, grow better and more rapidly within a suitable temperature range. Your plants will use both light and CO2 for photosynthesis.

Because of this, and also because of the heat buildup from powerful lamps, your grow room needs to be well ventilated to have fresh air and CO2 for your plants.

The ideal temperature range for flowering and vegetating marijuana is between 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21.1 C – 28 C) and seedlings particularly will benefit from a heating mat beneath them to encourage strong root growth.


Let’s Wrap It All Together

Setting up marijuana grow rooms is exhausting. However, it if is done right; you will enjoy the benefits that you can harvest from it. Remember, for perfect marijuana grow rooms; take these things with great consideration: the location, size of the room, light, temperature, and humidity.

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