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“Just-in-Time” Training via Our Mobile App

Our Platform is Built for Mobile eLearning to Train at Anytime, From Anywhere so Any Device Delivers Training “Just-in-Time” & Continuous “Micro- Learning”…

Mobile App

Our App, Available for Both Android & iOS Devices, Supports 100% “Just-in-Time” Training that Promotes Need-Related “Micro-Learning” to be Readily Available Exactly When & How it is Needed by Anyone.

Train Anytime, Anywhere (Even Offline)

Did you know that over fifty percent (50%) of the global internet traffic is coming from mobile devices? With this level of mobile device traffic, it is imperative to optimize your eLearning solution for mobile. How might you do that? We’re glad you asked! No matter what your training needs are, we can help you achieve your goals faster and better.

Don’t pull frontline workers away from the job for training. Bring the training to them. We deliver eLearning solutions via our app so everyone can use the tool they’re already carry everywhere – their smartphones – so training NO longer needs to be a 1-TIME event and makes training as simple as using the mobile device they already have.

Mobile Learning

We strive to deliver a seamless eLearning solution and training experience agnostically across all devices whether you are “online” in a remote area with poor access to the Internet or stuck “offline” in a train during your commutes. Our eLearning solutions are a “turnkey” option and we’re an ideal “extension to your team” for all training programs.

“Just-in-Time” eLearning Solution

There is actually no set “Just-in-Time” training definition, however, the main GIST is that it’s an approach gives everyone the much-needed information right exactly when they need it. Train people that would otherwise skip training since everyone isn’t tech-savvy enough to work efficiently on a computer or follow intricate learning procedures.

Access learning materials to submitting quizzes or receiving push notifications among many other features, you have it all at the reach of your pocket anywhere, anytime, on any device. Leveraging the power of “micro-learning,” a method proven to boost memory retention via building engaging, bite-sized learning in our eLearning solutions.

Everyone from casual learners to industry workers can spend a few moments every day learning or reviewing information, right from their phones. With various content types and assessments at your disposal you can turn a mandatory process into an enjoyable experience, while skyrocketing industry compliance and completion rates.

Using Our Mobile App

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Mobile Devices Have Become an "Extension" of Everyone Using Them... We Put eLearning Solutions in Your Hands to Deliver Training "Just-in-Time" Exactly When & Where You Need It (even Offline).

Extended Training Delivery Method

If you’re using our platform, you can access eLearning solutions via the Mobile App to deliver easy-to-digest "micro-learning" allowing you to train from anywhere at anytime through your smartphone. Our app enables a flexible self-paced training approach that empowers you to learn, minimize your time spent, and complexities of training.

You don’t have to be online to access or browse our training and you can even learn when you are OFFLINE too! By downloading our courses into your mobile device, you can access it without having Internet connection and this feature beats accessing our platform via our website, which can only happen when you’re online.

Industry Training

That Fits In

Your Pocket

Download Our Mobile App & Starting Learning Now

To be blunt, we help everyone get educated about the cannabis industry with our total eLearning solutions. Now you can have training "just-in-time" while working, at home or on the go anywhere in the world, start and stop seamlessly. We have created the industry's premier Mobile App that fits in your pocket, so you spend less time learning how to work the app and more time training when it works best for your schedule.

Straight From Our Users

“Green CulturED is a forward-thinking and innovative approach to their “micro-learning” format. With their eLearning solutions I can now offer a new and exciting training options to my dispensary team while working or commuting to work.”

Paula Williams

Dispensary Manager

“Training via the app, I can say that it is very user-friendly and intuitive. Our dispensary team loves how easy it is to complete training. No one has enough time to do classroom training, everyone would rather study during slow times at work.”

Shawn Miller

Dispensary Technician

“I think the Mobile App is a good tool for micro-learning and rapid eLearning. It’s great for training my team on specific cannabis cultivation processes and keeping a record of it. An excellent tool to enhance any learning program.”

Felipe Araya

Cultivation Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

We Strive to Deliver a Seamless Training Across Devices Whether You're STUCK in a Remote Area with Poor Access to the Internet or During Your Uber Commutes.

How do I create my account to use the Mobile App?

To sign up for an account, all you have to do is register your account on our platform by enrolling into our eLearning solutions (click here to start by taking a free training) or directly within the Mobile App then follow the steps from there. As soon as you create your account, all your devices connecting via the Mobile App will immediately have access to all of our eLearning solutions.

Is the Mobile App free to download and use?

Yes, the Mobile App itself is free so you can unlock all the premium features of our platform. Learners and businesses who use our Mobile App will never pay any fees using it for all of the eLearning solutions we provide - whether it is free- or paid-tuition training option.

Will I have to install a new app for new training or features from the Platform Roadmap?

No, the Mobile App will remain the same and will be automatically updated as we release new versions (just like any other app) or training, but depending on the eLearning solution you have signed up for, you will have new access to certain functionalities and features every month.

I am an employee of a business using your platform, do I have to subscribe to a paid plan?

If your training account is being provided by your employer, there is no requirement for you to pay anything additional and our future changes since it will not affect your account as long as your employer is subscribed to our eLearning solutions. However, if your employer doesn't utilize our eLearning solutions for your training, you will need to sign up for a membership, take some of our free training or ask your employer to use our platform for your cannabis industry training.

I took free training, do I have to subscribe to a paid plan to use the Mobile App?

No, everyone that joins Green CulturED will have access to our premium Mobile App version and it will be enabled on our platform by default for you to use.

How do I know if my account needs to be upgraded to a paid membership?

If you are using our platform or if your user account is hosted by your employer, you will always have access our premium Mobile App by default. Otherwise, you can register your account on our platform with a free trial (click here to get started) and configure your active devices to receive push notifications so you know when we released our monthly updates to see which new eLearning solutions would work better for your learning needs.

What is the process for getting a branded Mobile App?

Get in touch with us using the contact form, and one of our team members will get in touch to talk about what we need. All you need to do is provide us with your brand guidelines then our team will help you set-up and implementation.

Can I use a normal web browser to access your eLearning solutions?

You can use the responsive web versions but you will be missing all the advantages of the Moodle App like: offline access to content and activities, notifications, calendar reminders, quick navigation to content, and the user interface optimised for mobile devices.

Is there a desktop version of the Mobile App for Windows, Mac or Linux?

Yes. We have our Desktop App version too, which is a similar to ourMobile App solution to accessing your eLearning solutions via desktop computers or surface tablets. It has the same functionalities and benefits of the Mobile App so once you have installed our Mobile App, you can request a our version of the Desktop App - available for Windows, iOS and Linux operating systems.

Our Mission

We're Green CulturED and we're on a mission. It's a simple, but a very powerful mission: We will train 1,000,000+ individuals over the next five (5) years everything there's to know about cannabis and HELP ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk, and increase profitability.

If we achieve this mission, we will create 100's of 1,000's of opportunities for individuals that will add BILLIONS into the global economy. That's a big deal! It's an important mission and we're "radically committed" since we believe it will change the world, yet we need your help.

Why? We do this because we believe this industry is the most challenging, interesting and rewarding field there is. And finally, we do it for YOU. In the end, it's our community who matters. We learn from you. We're thankful for you... if you share our vision, let's get started!

Evan Erickson

Evan Erickson

Chief Training Officer

Message From Our Founder

How would you describe your cannabis training? Underwhelming? Non-existent? If you said anything other than a "well-oiled machine," then you’re at the RIGHT place if you want to transform ordinary training into a well-developed solution.

Is your training actually making a MEASUREABLE difference to you? I asked this question about my "learning experiences" when I got started in cannabis, I didn't like the answer. That's why we're here, so you'll always be a cannabis expert.

In the spirit of "open-sourcing" our eLearning solutions you’ll find our ground-breaking training, industry strategies, and Ed-Tech to learn everything you need (or actually GROW your business) and much more... without all of the headaches.