Prepping Marijuana Deliveries SOP

Security Prepping Cannabis Deliveries 

A new “Security Prepping DeliveriesStandard Operating Procedure (SOP) training is now available in our Course Catalog that offers a fresh approach to mandatory identification verification procedures. This SOP will teach you everything you need to know about the standard security and compliance procedures when preparing for customer deliveries.

Learn standard operating procedures to ensure you are conducting the safest deliveries possible. This course is intended to be the exclusive guide for employees and contractors involved in the dispensary delivery process and covers all you need to know for your deliveries security operations, key competencies for this course are:

  • The proper method for preparing deliveries for patients
  • Identifying and remedying common compliance violations

Green Cultured’s clients appreciate the interactive online training, which includes: testing, discussion forum, an eBook, certification of completion and the ability to report on the date that employees complete their required training as well as their grade or competency-level.

Our eLearning solution for the cannabis industry provides clients online access to these types of Standard Operating Procedures that are created and maintained by our team for compliance in the cannabis industry. We are focused on the providing eLearning solutions for the cannabis industry since states and territories have been tasked with developing more secure handling of marijuana deliveries.


Verify Packaging Marijuana Deliveries

The Green Cultured team works continuously to create compelling training materials, and this new module is a great example how we are working with clients to develop eLearning solutions for the cannabis industry.

We work hand-in-hand with your team to determine the best strategy for a fully-managed training solution that provides employee development so you can maintain compliance with your cannabis business.

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