Medical Marijuana Faculty And Research

marijuana teachersGreen CulturED faculty members anchor our strong research culture and collaborative atmosphere.

Our faculty’s teaching approach ties the latest in business theory to experience-based learning to prepare students to be catalysts for change in the cannabis industry.

Our marijuana teachers pursue a wide variety of cutting-edge research initiates at our cannabis college, they ask the bold questions needed to unearth and expand globally relevant insights for today’s business leaders.

Not only do our faculty members frequently publish in top cannabis publications, many serve as industry experts and command leadership roles in cannabis based organizations.

Our Faculty

Andy LaFrate, Ph.D.

Andy LaFrate, Ph.D.

andy lafrateAndy has a Ph.D. in chemistry from one of the top universities in his field and over a decade of chemistry lab research experience at universities, pharmaceutical companies and tech start-ups.

Add to this his years of experience growing cannabis and producing extracts and infused products. Andy’s recent work at start-up companies fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and his long-time interest in the chemistry of cannabis led him to work in the developing industry.

He has worked with a number of marijuana infused product companies in Colorado to develop new cannabis extraction methods, customize marijuana infused products, setup in-house testing and analysis labs, all leading to increased revenue.

Andy works directly with consulting clients to understand their objectives and provide customized scientific solutions. He has experience in public policy in Colorado helping to develop rules regarding cultivation, extraction analysis, testing, packaging and labeling of retail marijuana.

Rob McEvoy, B.A., C.Ph.T.

Rob McEvoy, B.A., C.Ph.T.

rob mcevoyRob McEvoy is an experienced compliance and education officer specializing in the implementation of state specific regulations as well as local municipality ordinances.

Other subjects of expertise include corporate operations management, dynamic employee training, and proactive consumer awareness at our cannabis college.

His previous clients include Patient’s Choice of Colorado, a four facility network in the Greater Denver Metro Area offering a full portfolio of high quality products in both the medical marijuana and retail cannabis industry of Colorado.

At Green CulturED he is part of the faculty for our online cannabis college offering comprehensive coursework and certification programs in all areas of the marijuana industry.

Also he consults GroWell Organics, an emerging Colorado nutrient company that is 100% organic, proven to yield a higher crop harvest, and undercuts all major national fertilizer price points.

Living and working in Colorado offers a unique perspective in observing how industry regulations are passed and how business practices unfold in an ever-evolving marketplace.

Furthermore, it provides him with an advantage in understanding the blueprint for successful investing and the framework for which future legislation will be written in states with medical and retail cannabis agendas.

Professional, knowledgeable, and passionate only begin to describe how my methodology translates into your success. In a collaborative and creative manner, he will outline your objectives and choose a strategy that will best accomplish your goals.