Cannabis Nutrients & Organic Compost Teas

Advanced Natural Teas For Cannabis Nutrients

cannabis nutrients

Compost teas contain soluble organic nutrients and microbes that help develop your organic soil by providing beneficial nutrients and microbes that fight off disease and provides cannabis nutrients.

Pests and diseases cannot fight against the bacteria and fungi within organic teas. The best compost teas are made from well-rotted compost that has been heated to 135° F (52° C) for three (3) days to kill off any types diseases.

If you don’t know how to make organic compost tea or don’t want to; you should be able to find it in grow stores or from a local supplier of cannabis nutrients. You can brew your own compost tea for cannabis nutrients using a few key things.

You can brew the tea in a 5-gallon (19 L) bucket that is filled with about one (1) gallon of rotted compost or manure, and then add four (4) gallons of water to the mix. Stir everything in the bucket very well then let the mixture sit for several days to a week to make the best cannabis nutrients.

You will then stir up the mixture again, several times every day for oxygen to be able to get into the mix and remove microbes from the manure to the water solution. By providing adequate oxygen to the water and compost it will keep the brew fresh and from ‘rotting’.

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If the mixture starts to smell horrible it is due to anaerobic bacteria so you need to oxygenate the solution more. You can do this by adding fresh water or stirring more often to agitate the cannabis nutrients.

When oxygen is present good bacteria thrives so if you want to turn your tea into a ‘super tea’ attach an air pump and air stone into your tea to aerate it. This will add 10 – 100 times more beneficial microbes to your compost tea.

If you are adding fresh water, there may not be enough room in the bucket, you will need to move it all to a larger bucket or dilute the tea into several buckets and add water to increase oxygen. By diluting a bucket of tea, you can have a less-concentrated dose for plants and a single bucket can make up to four (4) batches of good tea.

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