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What Can Our Certified Partner Program Do For You?

Together We’ll Double The Size
Of 10,000 Cannabis Industry Businesses

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Whether your goal is to get more clients, improve client retention, or generate more revenue from the clients you already have, Green CulturED is here to help…

The Ultimate Agency Growth Toolbox

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Partner Portal

Marketing Tools that Attract Qualified Leads and Sales Tools that Close the Deal

Take our content-rich presentations and slide decks and transform them into turnkey webinars and presentations you can use to impress your clients and attract more prospects. THEN, leverage our pre-tested, customizable checklists and worksheets to convert more of your prospect meetings into instantly-paying, high-margin, high-retainer client deals.

Partner Directory

Free, Pre-Qualified Leads PLUS Support and Camaraderie

Claim your listing in our “Approved Business” Directory and transform our traffic into your best source of free, qualified leads. You can also use this directory to access our global network in the cannabis industry who all share in the same mission of DOUBLING the size of at least 10,000 businesses.

Partner Co-Branded Training Center

Co-Branded Training Center Grows Your Passive Revenue and Skyrockets Retention

Up-level your own team and manage the team training for all your clients from one, easy-to-use training center that’s branded with YOUR LOGO (not ours), and watch your retention and recurring revenue grow.

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Our Mission

It’s a simple, but powerful mission: We want to help DOUBLE the size of at least 10,000 cannabis industry businesses in the next five years. If we achieve this goal, we will add thousands of jobs, and billions of dollars to the global economy.

It’s an important mission, and it’s one we’re committed to because we sincerely believe it can CHANGE the world. But we need your help.

Our goal is to partner with those who understand what we do at Green CulturED, and who can APPLY our eLearning solutions and strategies to the small businesses who desperately need it.

So if you share in this vision… if the idea of DOUBLING appeals to you, then join us today. We’d love to meet you!

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