Remembering Cannabis Benefits & YOUR Lifestyle

A Reminder: The Cannabis Benefits of Life

Cannabis Benefits

It does seem that conversations surrounding cannabis benefits have moved on from whether the plant is good or bad for users. The majority of the population is now for legalizing marijuana, as shown by more and more states following Colorado’s lead and passing legislation making recreational use legal for those over 21.

Still, even if some 60% of the population are for marijuana, the opposition is still stiff – it’s not a passive resistance, but an ideological one. That 40 % of people who do not like marijuana really don’t like it, that’s why it’s always useful to revisit the cannabis benefits of the plant.

Even in today’s educated society, it can be quite amazing how much misinformation can be spread about marijuana. Here are some of the plus points worth remembering when you’re talking to friends and family about the drug.


It Relieves Depression

Marijuana Benefits

Have you seen the numbers of people suffering from depression? It’s quite outstanding and it’s a crisis that healthcare hasn’t yet caught up with.

Even the very best medical coverage can only do so much for depression, which is often treated using drugs that aren’t always as effective as they could be. A study conducted by the University of Buffalo showed that cannabis can be an effective tool against symptoms of depression.

With the illness on course to become the world’s most common illness in the near future, it might just be that marijuana becoming more widespread throughout society is a solution to the problem.


It’s Safer than Drugs and Alcohol

Like it or not, people are always going to use something to unwind after a long day at work. For many people, this involves cracking open a bottle of beer or wine – and for other people, that can harder drugs like cocaine.

Take a look at some of the figures of how many people die from drugs, alcohol, and marijuana each year and you probably Medicine Cannabiswon’t be surprised to find that marijuana comes squarely at the bottom of the list.


Since no people ever, anywhere die because of the plant.

And drinking?

That’s a staggering 88,000 deaths each year. So if somebody asks you not why marijuana should be legal, but why its use should be promoted, you can say: because it’ll save lives.


It Relieves Conditions that Cripple People’s Lives

Yeah, how about that? There are thousands of anxiety and PTSD sufferers out there who would not be able to face the day if it weren’t for cannabis benefits. For these people, it’s not about marijuana being a gateway drug or what the potential tax revenues from legalizing it might be.

Those pros and cons go out the window. It’s about their life and being given a second chance to become a functioning member society thanks to a plant.


People are Safer

The doomsayers surrounding the legalization of marijuana in Colorado claimed hospitals and police forces would have to deal with a major fallout of everybody smoking pot all the time.

Bad news for their predictions: they were completely wrong. As one example, traffic fatalities fell to a low that’s virtually never seen before.


Productivity Goes Up

Cannabis Benefits

The image of the lazy stoner dropout sitting around watching cartoons all day was always a myth, but now there’s data to back it up. Studies have shown that marijuana can boost productivity in many ways.

For one, it helps us sleep better, so we have more energy throughout the day. Second, a whole host of people is using to combat medical conditions that stopped them from reaching their full potential.

On a basic level, people who are happy and having less social anxiety will be more forthcoming with their ideas and be more willing to engage and do greater work with cannabis benefits.

Finally, and we confess this is a bit more anecdotal, but marijuana gives people the inspiration to think bigger – they can think of an idea and see how it will be achieved.

In the long run, this is what marijuana comes down to: it helps people. Be it helping them relax, cope, do great things, or simply have fun because people rarely take it for nefarious reasons.

In the history of marijuana use, we’d wager the number of good things would avalanche the number of bad things that have come from it. That alone is one reason for the use of the plant.

Let us know what you think.