MAX Sales of Your Cannabis Products

Maximize Purchases in Cannabis Dispensaries

When a customer walks into a dispensary, the display and packaging of a product directly influence their purchasing decision. If you make products that are being sold at a dispensary or manage a dispensary directly, take a look at some of these hacks to help you increase sales.

The most important aspect of packaging display that maximizes product exposure is its placement. A study of cereal aisles at grocery stores found that cereal products marketed to kids are placed half as high on shelves as cereals marketed for adults. If you think about it, that is the exact eye level of their target audience!

At a dispensary, one way to increase your product’s purchasing power is by negotiating for a spot near the top of the shelf (not half as high since there are no children there) and provide your cannabis dispensary technicians sales training. In some cases, the most prominent display point maybe some other location. Adjust your strategy based on where most ‘eye traffic‘ occurs.


Consider Your Customer’s Behavior in Dispensary

To make your item more intriguing to consumers, consider how consumers behave when they go window shopping. How many times have you caught yourself walking into a store to check out that beautifully placed watch, or a gorgeous ring sparkling in the light of the display case, just because it caught your eye as you were walking by?

Once placed properly at the location of maximum exposure, creating a beautiful display lures in customers and creates a desire they didn’t know they had. This will drive sales on your brand above that of your competitors. One way to do this is to construct display elements which go along with your products, like watches or jewelry pieces have.

Once you have the attention of a curious customer, let your packaging do the talking for you. Don’t be afraid to stick out; avoid using cheesy green-colored packaging and take a chance with new, bolder colors. Odds are, the curious customer will ask to see your product.

When the customers have your product in hand, that’s when your carefully-chosen wording comes into play. Use buzzwords that revolve around the feeling you want to convey to your consumer or the feeling you hope they get when they hold and buy your product.

If it’s a CBD product, you could consider talking about the anti-inflammatory properties of your products. If it’s a Sativa strain, you could mention the increase in focus and creativity that comes from its use. Convince the potential customers that your product is right for them by educating them on what they are buying.

Competition is growing in the cannabis industry, so now is the time to stand out from the crowd. Do it early, and you will create a loyal consumer base that is sure to exponentially grow.

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