Make Money with Online Courses

You’re online course in finished and ready to sell. Congratulations! Below is information on how to price and make money on your courses. Here are few steps to get started:


Course pricing is one of the most important decisions you have to make after your course is ready for sale, as it directly impacts your online teaching business. The simplest way to decide and set pricing of your online course is to compare your course with similar courses on different online training provider’s libraries to have an idea of an industry-established typical price range for courses like yours.

Types of pricing:

Before you publish your course and make an offer to Green CulturED for sale, you need to set the pricing of your eLearning course in three (3) major areas:

  1. MSRP / List Price (USD): MSRP is the “slash-through” price on the product page, whereas list price is the “actual” price on the product page. Have a look at the image below to understand the difference:
  2. Offer Price (USD): The Offer price is the “promotional” or “discounted” price of your course for any specific promotions that we may run to promote your courses on our website.
  3. Lowest Price (USD): The lowest price is the price below which an author does not want the course sold, ever, no matter what sales are running on. The lowest price can range anything between $1 – $10.
    Please note that the pricing can only be set in US dollars.

Setting the Price of Your Training

Course pricing will vary based on industry, length of the course, course depth and coverage, and value. In general, MSRP / list price should probably be $27 – $47 per hour of training time.

Calculating 1 Hour of Training Time

Below is a broad high-level break up of a 1 hour course:

5,000 – 7,500 WORDS



To set retail pricing (MSRP), start by considering the value your training brings to the cannabis industry. What tangible benefits will a learner get from taking your course? Now consider alternatives in gaining these BENEFITS. If the training is an online course, are there other somewhat comparable online training that the learner could take? How much are they going for? What about books, classroom courses, or other solutions that could get the learner to the same level of competency?

As a starting point, price your course close to the nearest competing product and be sure to clearly communicate in the Marketing fields the value of your course, so that potential customers understand what they are getting and why your solution is the one they want.

Over time, adjust your pricing to optimize your overall revenue from the course. For a given product, lower prices typically result in higher volume of sales. Higher prices typically result in lower volume of sales. Find the sweet spot for your product.

To get a large volume of learners and reviews for a brand new course, giving the course greater credibility, some authors will start by offering their course for free for an initial period of time. After the course is established, they will then set a more industry-standard MSRP.


Once your course is ready for learners, it’s time to publish it. Please ensure all information you entered is complete and accurate, course completion criteria are met and course pricing is set, before publishing the course. After having published your online, classroom, or webinar course in the Green CulturED web-based Learning Management System (or LMS), you can now offer this in our course catalog.

Submit Created Course for Review and Evaluation

  • On menu above, click the “Train With Us” tab.
  • Then Submit your proposed training.
  • The course will then go into the course review process where it is evaluated by Green CulturED for fit and quality.

If all review and evaluation processes goes well, you will receive a notification that your online course has been accepted and is now ready to be sold on Green CulturED’s course catalog.


Reasons to choose Green CulturED to market your courses:

Green CulturED have been using technology to help people learn since 2012 and, in that time, has amassed trust, respect, and a loyal audience in the cannabis industry. With numerous Subject Matter Experts (or SME’s) already populating our educational platform, you would join the ranks of online trainers who’ve already been enthusiastically embraced by their hungry audiences. We have virtual classrooms waiting for real content from passionate SME’s like you. This isn’t a “Build it and they will come.”-moment; this is a “Build it. They’re already here.”-reality.

Knowing our global authors’ needs and understanding that genius doesn’t sleep, Green CulturED is proud to offer exceptional customer service, 24/7. We want to make your experience as seamless as possible and will be sure to help you through any struggle that may arise. We’re here to teach you as much as you’re here to teach others. Our course authors are our partners and, as such, we’re invested in your success. We are always just a click for support or 800 number away.

If you partner with Green CulturED, we will market and sell your courses as if they were our own. Our free tools and worldwide distribution network allows you to offer your courses to millions of learners across the world.

Green CulturED enjoys a trusted position in eLearning for the cannabis industry industry, and your courses will receive the same advantages as any other training in our library. Our goal is to make sure learners have access to the best workforce courses in the industry – and your course could be a part of that.

Ready to change the world with your knowledge? Start creating a course today.

Evan Erickson
Chief Training Officer & Founder

A Message From Our Founder

Be honest… How would you describe your employee training? Disorganized? Understaffed? Undertrained? Over-worked? Non-existent?

Well if you said anything other than, “A well-oiled machine,” you’ve come to the right place. Assuming you have a team, it’s likely a loosely assembled group, all scrambling around sending emails, updating employees on new regulations, running in-person training, establishing Standard Operating Procedures, and doing their best to “figure it out”…without anyone necessarily knowing what anyone else is doing.

They’re busy. And they try hard. But are they really getting anything done? Is their work making a MEASURABLE difference to your company? When I asked this question about my own company, I didn’t like the answer. That’s why I created Green CulturED.

As a partner, you’ll be able to grow a dedicated, COORDINATED team of cannabis industry rock stars. And best of all, critical (but time-consuming) tasks such as recruiting, training and retaining top talent will become effortless, and you’ll finally have a team all moving toward the same goal…

…growing YOUR company! So if you like the idea of transforming your ordinary (or non-existent) training into a well-developed eLearning solution, then schedule a demonstration today.

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