Snow? Winter Time Cannabis Growing

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Winter Is Coming…Is Your Cannabis Growing Room Ready?

cannabis growingIt’s getting colder outside, which means there’s no chance of waking up to a beautiful marijuana plant in your backyard. If you have been growing your own marijuana, but don’t have enough to last through the winter, or if you are planning to grow for the first time then you’ll need to take it inside.

Here are some of the important things you need to know for setting up an indoor cannabis growing room. The first thing you need is a temperature controlled room.

At different times in the seed’s life, it’s going to have different needs, but generally speaking- it will need a warm room. When it is a young cutting or seedling, it needs temperatures between 68 Fahrenheit and 77 Fahrenheit (20 Celsius and 25 Celsius).

cannabis growingOnce it gets bigger, it can handle a little more, ranging from a low between 62 Fahrenheit and 72 Fahrenheit (17 Celsius and 22 Celsius) and a high of 82 Fahrenheit (28 Celsius). Now, you have to consider the lights when you take these temperatures.

They will make the room hotter. There are a few options in lights that you can use for your indoor setup and a popular choice in lighting is the LED grow light.

This type of light setup can cost more than other options, but over time can save money on electricity. It also reduces the risk of setting the entire building on fire.

When you are setting up the grow room, take the temperature with the lights on and the lights off using a standard thermometer. Take the temperature at the warmest part of the day and at night then make sure the cannabis growing room is able to stay within the safe temperatures.

If it is too hot, make sure you are using the coolest lighting available for cannabis growing. You can also try only turning on the cannabis growing lights at night, or be using a room air conditioner as well as use a space heater to warm a cooler room.

outdoor cannabis growingAnother important consideration for your cannabis growing room is humidity, young marijuana plants need a room that has around 70% humidity in it. Eventually you will be able to drop the humidity in the room to 40%, but generally speaking, the room must not be dry.

Not having enough humidity is a major reason why a plant stops growing. You can also purchase a hydrometer to measure how much humidity is in the room.

These are just some of the things that you will need to consider before you start cannabis growing. You also should protect your plants from deficiencies, pests, and even pets.

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