Social Media Scorecards

Want your Social Media to do more than simply create a “stand in” online presence, but to actually drive leads, sales, & conversions?

Whether you’re setting up a new social media campaign or looking to grow an existing one, use Green CulturED “Social Media Scorecards” to quickly determine exactly what’s working for your campaigns (and more importantly, WHY it’s working)!

“With the Social Media Scorecards, I’ve been able to really dive into what’s working on social media and what isn’t — and very quickly. My main focus has been to drive real business growth through social media, not just simply creating a presence online. Once I scored Green CulturED Facebook and Instagram pages, I was able to see exactly where I was succeeding, and where I needed help. The Social Media Scorecards truly took the guesswork out of what I was posting. I continue to use them to track my progress and adjust my goals, and now, not only has our social presence on instagram and Facebook increased, but these channels are now directly tied to our business growth.”

– Shannon Goodell / Social Media Manager, Green CulturED

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