*Start A New Career* With Bud-Tender Resume Template


{Budtender Resume Template} For A Career In A Dispensary

budtendersIf you’re looking into new opportunities to work in the greenest industry around, becoming a Budtender is one of the best ways to get started. According to Wiktionary, “a Budtender is a medical cannabis dispensary worker that sells and is knowledgeable of various marijuana products.”

That being said, just like any other job, you need to show your future employers that you know what you’re doing or that you know enough that training will take less than a day. The best way to prove this is with a concise resume that gives your interviewer all the information he or she needs to make a decision about your employability.

This isn’t hard to show, especially if you’ve been a patient for more than a few years. The tricky part is in knowing how to present what you know, which is why we’ve created this handy Budtender Resume Template for you. Follow it and that Budtender job will be yours!



(Your Name Here) Resume

Your Name


Phone Number

Email Address



This is the section where you want to quickly clarify what you’re after.

Use something short and sweet like:

  • “Seeking a part-time/full-time position as a Budtender with a respectable dispensary that offers daily challenges and opportunities for professional growth.”

You might also try something like:

  • “Seeking a position as a Budtender where I can utilize my customer service skills and build lasting bonds with patients and community members.”



This is where your interviewer wants you to show them that you know what they need.

If you list a bunch of skills here that are unnecessary, it will be that much more obvious that you’re just winging it and that you’ll probably do the same thing with your work.

Show them that you know what they need by listing skills like:

  • customer service
  • cash handling
  • public sanitation
  • management
  • retail sales experience
  • food handling
  • strain identification
  • bud handling
  • trimming
  • marketing
  • self-starting
  • teamwork
  • etc…



This is where you should show your work history more than anything else.

This section will likely be skimmed over unless you have direct experience with prior Budtender jobs somewhere in your employment history, in which case your interview is likely to be a shoe-in anyways.

Dispensaries definitely appreciate direct experience above any other skills, though what they are more or less looking for is the same as almost any other employer: proof that you’ll be loyal, dependable and respectable.



In this section, you want to highlight any community service you’ve contributed to.

This can include volunteering with festivals, activists groups, political groups or just about any work that you’ve done for free in the name of helping your community (local or otherwise).



This is another section that will likely get skimmed over, mostly only because there is a larger demand for Budtender jobs than there are schools to train those Budtenders.

Employers recognize this, so they mostly just look to see that you’ve completed an average amount of education and that you are interested and able to continue learning.

If you do happen to have direct education in the world of medicinal marijuana, that should go at the top of the list.

Any cannabis colleges, classes or experiences that have taught you more about handling the plants, tending to the flowers or working directly with patients, will help you get that job.



This section is definitely a big deal in the world of Budtending.

Respectable business is still new in the world of cannabis and there are not a lot of things that can indicate whether a person will be a good Budtender or not.

Sure, your education, experience, and skills count, but not if it’s just your word alone.

So in this section, make sure you list at least three (3) people who know you are involved in the green industry and who will vouch for your dependability, loyalty and hardcore work ethics.




After you write your resume out, you may want to consider also writing a Cover Letter to go with your Resume, as it adds a more professional vibe to your persona and it will likely be read when they are interviewing Budtenders for the job opening.

According to this Bloomberg Article, “…urged students to view medical marijuana as a business “like a dry cleaner or a shoe store.” That means spending money on advertising and marketing, and focusing on customer service.”

Let us know what you think.

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