How to Stop Damping-Off for Cannabis Plants

cannabis plants

Dampening-Off Your Cannabis Plants

cannabis plants

Dampening-off is sometimes called Pythium wilt and is often found in soils as well as growing mediums used for your cannabis plants. This prevents newly sprouted seeds to grow and attacks seedlings/cuttings causing them to rot at the soil level.

This is caused by several different fungal species, including:

  • Botrytis
  • Pythium
  • Fusarium

Once your cannabis plants are infected, the stems lose girth, weaken and grow dark, then fluid circulation stops which kill the seedling/cuttings. The main factors that cause this are fungi present in the un-sterile medium, soggy growing medium or excessive humidity.

Be sure to use fresh, sterile growing medium to sprout seeds and grow in, it is never recommended to re-use soils. Over-watering is probably the biggest cause of damping-off and less water is the key to prevention.

cannabis plantsIf your soil does not drain fast, dampening can occur easier and to prevent dampening-off for seedlings/clones, make sure the medium drains well. Keep the temperatures between 70 – 85° F (21 – 29° C) for cannabis plants.

Dampening-off is inhibited by bright lights, the brighter the better, use High Output (HO) fluorescent light bulbs or HID lights over clones/seedlings. Be sure not to plant too deep in your growing medium to prevent dampening-off for cannabis seeds/seedlings, usually around 1” deep is good.

Avoid benomyl fungicide soil drench as it kills beneficial organisms in the soil. You can apply biological things to help such as Pythium oligandrum to the soil or Burkholderia cepacia on seeds.

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