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Make Dispensary Harassment Prevention a Priority

Convincing Dispensaries to Make Harassment a Priority It has been a year since the #MeToo movement went viral. Since then, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has experienced a 13.6% increase in the number of sexual harassment charges it has received. The EEOC’s counterpart state agencies have seen even greater increases. While some business leaders

Developing Sexual-Harassment Training

Assess And Address Your Response Culture

6 Tips for Developing Sexual-Harassment Training In the wake of the #MeToo movement, more states and cities are mandating sexual-harassment training for all workers – not just managers. But even where training isn’t required, cannabis employers should consider the benefits of creating a program. The main goal of training should be to ensure a healthy

Don’t Simply Harassment Training Acknowledgements

Don’t Oversimplify Dispensary Harassment Training Cannabis industry employees’ acknowledgment that they’ve attended anti-harassment training should document more than attendance; they should also show that workers understood the training’s contents. Most employers just get a signature and that’s it, it is recommended that cannabis industry employers consider an acknowledgment that summarizes the company’s commitment to professional,

California Anti-Harassment Laws & Training

New Anti-Harassment Laws Are Coming to California California’s cannabis industry employers can expect to see more changes to the state’s sexual-harassment-prevention laws and required compliance training during the current legislative year, but exactly how those laws will change remains to be seen. Every year there’s a trend regarding the type of bills state lawmakers introduce

New York Requires Sexual-Harassment Training

New York Employers Requires Sexual-Harassment Training New York legislators have passed a number of initiatives in the wake of the #MeToo movement and widespread allegations of sexual harassment in the dispensary workplace – including a law requiring employers to provide sexual harassment training to all cannabis workers. The training requirement is standard, so employers that